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What is the criminal code definition of organized crime?

1) 3 or more persons in or out of Canada
2) main purpose for material or financial benefit


What are the essential characteristics of organized crime by EUROPOL?

1) Collaboration with 3+ people
3) for a prolonged or indefinite period of time
5) suspected of serious criminal offences
11) determined by the pursuit of profit/power


What is a puppet club?

the "underlings" of the organized crime world who are used to carry out the dirty work


What are the two different types of criminal activities by organized criminals? Provide examples

1) Consensual criminal activity - benefits both victim/customer and criminal
2) Predatory criminal activity - benefits one at the expense of the other


What/who is vory v zakone?

the Russian Mafia (thief in law)


What are the 3 categories of the Italian mafia?

1) Sicilian mafia
2) 'ndragheta (most influential)
3) wings of the Italian-American group


What are the 6 types of Chinese/Asian gangs?

1) Local street gangs
2) Chinese triads
3) non-triad --> specialized areas
4) Loose network all from China homeland
5) Vietnamese
6) Indo-Canadian


What are the 2 types of Aboriginal gangs?

1) Central Canada that revolve around contraband/smuggling
2) Criminal gangs in prairie provinces


What are the 4 types of Etiological theories of organized crime?

1) Alien conspiracy theory
2) Ethnic Succession theory
3) Economic theories
4) Public policy Impetus


What is the Alien Conspiracy theory?

organized crime is the result of importation of criminal networks from foreign societies


What is Ethnic Succession theory and what classic theory is it related to?

the idea that crime comes from the structures in society (related to strain theory); it happens when ethnic group is new and does not have many avenues for success


What is the Economic theory of organized crime?

that crime is just another rational system that responds to supply and demand


What are the 4 main theories surrounding the structure of organized crime? Briefly describe each

1) Bureaucratic/Hierarchical model - tightly structured and controlled (ex medellin and cali cartels)
2) Kinship model - culture, tradition and blood relation; patron idea as well
3) Patron-client model - an intermediary is the centre of organized crime
4) Network Model - fluid and loosely knit network; relations defined by functions people perform


What bill added the definitions of criminal organizations to the criminal code?

Bill C-95


What type of activities did the baseball versus football team perform in the Hells Angel?

baseball = beat up vs football = more serious/kill


What led to the Russian crime organizations take over?

socialism to capitalism and it became corrupt and led to oligarchies of power and 40% of the economy being underground


What is the origin group of the Russian Mafia and what are some characteristics of it?

Thieves world, loose structure and intelligent/educated; alcohol a main centre of it