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What happened at the Boston tea party and how did Britain respond?

In response to being forced to buy tea from the East India Company, patriots dumped 340 chests of tea into the harbor.
Britain was furious. Parliament enacted the "intolerable acts" of 1774. They suspended the Massachusetts legislature and appointed a military governor to rule the colony. The Boston port bill closed the port of Boston and the Quartering Act put troops in each colony to preserve order.


When were the first shots of the war for independence fired and where?

Lexington Massachusetts on April 19, 1775


He was chosen to lead the Continental Army

George Washington.


This document has been described as the most important human statement of political principles in the history of the world. When was it adopted?

The Declaration of Independence adopted on July 4, 1776


Identify these things and people

Robert Walpole Declaratory Act
Edmund Burke
Samual Adams Continental Congress
Treaty of Paris


This is when the United States Constitution was ratified.
This was the first president of the United States of America.

George Washington


Name some of the territories the United States acquired in the 19th century. What other way did the nation grow?

Louisiana territory
Oregon territory
Also Florida, Texas and most of the Southwest
The population grew especially in New York and Chicago


In what war did the United States prove that it was able to defend its interest

The war of 1812


What warning did America issue to Europe regarding colonization in the Western Hemisphere

Monroe doctrine


This war interrupted the nations progress and threatened it's very survival. What was the outcome?

The Civil War 1861 to 1865
The union remained united. The war ended in 1865 when General Robert E Lee of the Confederate army surrendered to Union General Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia
The 13th amendment was added to the constitution which outlawed slavery in the United States


What territories did the United States gain after the Spanish-American war?

Puerto Rico,
and The Philippines


Why did Alexis did Tocqueville come to America?

To visit and study political and democratic institutions in America,
He later wrote a book "Democracy in America"
The religion of the nation and how they operated peaceably due to separation of church and state


How did Noah Webster explain the origin of civil liberty?

He said civil liberty was founded on the principles of the Christian religion. The civil liberty gradually advanced as genuine Christianity prevailed.


Identify these things and people

Articles of Confederation
James Monroe
James Polk
Treaty of Guadalupe
Abraham Lincoln
13th amendment
USS Maine


The separatists believe this about church government

Every local church congregation should be independent


When did the second great awakening begin and where did it begin?

In the early 1800s and peeking in the 1850s. It started in Kentucky


Who organized the Methodist circuit riders

Francis Asbury sent by John Wesley from England


These three denominations were prominent in the revivals on the frontier

Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian


This caused Charles Finney to take an interest in the Bible

As a lawyer he would study the Bible to find the connections between Scripture and the laws.


This is the father of American missions and he served in this place as a missionary

Adoniram Judson in Burma


This country lead the world in foreign missions efforts by 1914

The United States


Identify these people and things

Circuit riders
D. L. Moody
Hawaiian islands