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What is Americas number one killer?

Heart disease


What is the SA node and where is it located?

Upper portion of the atrium, primary pacemaker, generates the impulse that triggers the heart to contract


What is the AV node and where is it located?

At The walls that separate the upper and lower chamber, only creates an impulse if the SA node fails


What are purkinje fibers and where are they located?

Through out the heart, deliver an impulse if both the SA and AV node fail


What is a P wave?

The first wave on an ECG that represents the depolarization of the atria, contraction


What is QRS complex?

The second waveform of an ECG that represents the depolarization (contraction) of the ventricles and the main contraction of the heart


What are T waves?

The third waveform of an ECG that represents the repolarization ( relaxation ) of the ventricles


What is atherosclerosis?

A condition that causes the smallest of arterial structures to become stiff and less elastic


What is ACS.

Acute coronary syndrome, a condition in which the coronary arteries are narrowed or occluded by fat deposits, clots or spasm


What is angina?

Pain in the chest caused by activities, the pain usually goes away with rest


What is an MI or AMI?

Acute myocardial infarction, when a portion of heart tissue dies due to a lack of oxygenated blood


What is an aortic aneurysm

A weakened section of the aortic wall begins to balloon outward from the pressure exerted by the blood flow and my suddenly rupture


What is an aortic dissection?

A tear in the inner lining of the aorta where blood enters the opening and causes separation of the layers of the aortic wall


What is heart failure?

When the heart no longer has the ability to adequately eject blood out of the ventricles, can be left or right


What is cardiogenic shock?

When the left and right ventricles fail to produce enough blood to meet the demands of the body


What is CHF?

Congestive heart failure, a build up of fluid in the body due to the pump failure of the heart to supply the body with what it needs


What is a hypertensive emergency

Accelerated hypertension episode with a systolic pressure greater then 160 and/or a diastolic greater than 94


What is cardiac arrest

When the heart is not pumping effectively or at all, and no pulse can be felt