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What is the role of Unicef in children's human rights?

They show the minimum expectation of children's rights


What are the UK laws on parental responsibility relating to the mother?

Mother has parental responsibility from birth


What are the UK laws on parental responsibility relating to the father?

The father only has parental responsibility if the parents are married at the time of birth


What are the 5 main parental responsibilities?

1. providing a home for the child

2. protecting and maintaining the child

3. disciplining the child

4. choosing and providing the child's education and determining their religion

5. agreeing to the child's medical treatment


Who suggested the different styles of parenting?



What influences parenting?

The household that the child grows up in as well as the other agencies they interact with, such as school


What are the different styles of parenting?

1. authoritarian

2. authoritative

3. permissive


How do authoritarian parents respond to their child?

They have very high expectations of their child

They provide very little in the way of feedback and nurturance


What are ideas about behaviour like in authoritarian parenting?

Strict ideas about discipline and behaviour that are not open to discussion

Parents do not explain to the child why the rules are applied


How are mistakes dealt with in authoritarian parenting?

Mistakes tend to be punished harshly


What is the similarity between authoritarian and authoritative parenting?

They share the same ideas about discipline that there are rules and consequences to bad behaviour


What are ideas about behaviour like in authoritative parenting?

Concrete ideas about discipline and behaviour but they are explained and discussed with the child

The child understands why the rules are applied


How do authoritative parents respond to their children?

They respond to their emotional needs whilst having high standards


How do authoritative parents support their child's autonomy?

They set limits and are consistent in enforcing boundaries

But they allow the children to make choices when it comes to small decisions


What are the consequences for the child of having authoritative parents?

They tend to be more socially competent and show better academic achievement


How do permissive parents respond to their children?

They are very loving but have very few rules

Parents do not expect mature behaviour from their children and often appear as more of a 'friend'


What are the ideas about behaviour in permissive parenting?

Ideas about discipline and behaviour are very relaxed


What is Maccoby & Martin's theory?

There is demanding and undemanding parenting as well as responsive and unresponsive parenting


What is meant by demanding parenting?

There is a set of rules which help to control behaviour


What is meant by undemanding parenting?

There are no behavioural rules to follow


According to Maccoby and Martin, what are the 4 types of parenting?



What is meant by the responsiveness of parenting?

This is the psychological response to the child

It involves listening to them and understanding what they need/want


How does an uninvolved parent respond to their child?

There is a lack of responsiveness to the child's needs

They make few or no demands of their children and are often indifferent or dismissive


What is chastisement?

The act of scolding or punishing someone


What does the English law state about chastisement?

Parents have the right to make choices about reasonable punishments

Anyone employed privately by the parent may smack a child with parental permission


Under what circumstances is a smack determined reasonable chastisement?

If it is open-handed

It is administered on a part of the body that will not cause harm

It is not severe enough to leave a mark


What are the 5 guidelines for parents?

1. be united

2. be clear

3. be consistent

4. be flexible

5. be loving


What is meant by 'being united'?

adults should agree and support each other's decisions


What is meant by 'being clear'?

rules and expectations should be agreed on in advance


What is meant by 'being consistent'?

sticking to what has been agreed and knowing "no" means no