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Diode: Describe the current

It lets current flow freely in one direction but not in the other (really high resistance)


Diode: What is it made of?

Made from semiconductor s=material such as silicon


Diode: What is it used for?

Regulate the potential difference in circuits


What does an LED do? What does it stand for?

A light emitting diode emits light when a current flows through it in the forward direction


What are LEDs used for? Why?

Lighting: They use a much smaller current than other forms of lighting
Appliances o indicate they are switched on: LEDs indicate the presence of current in a circuit
Digital Clocks, Traffic lights and remote controls


What is an LDR?

Light-Dependent Resistor that is dependent on the intensity of light


Describe the resistance of an LDR in different brightnesses

In bright light, the resistance falls
In darkness the resistance is highest


What are LDRs used for?

Automatic night lights, Outdoor lighting and burglar detectors


What is a thermistor?

A temperature dependent resistor


Describe the resistance of a thermistor in different conditions

In hot conditions, the resistance drops
In cool conditions, the resistance goes up


What are thermistors used for?

Temperature detectors eg. Car engine temperature sensors and electronic thermostats