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Describe series circuits

The different components are connected in a line, end to end, between the +ve and -ve of the power supply (however voltmeters are in parallel)


What happens when you remove/disconnect a component from a substance?

The circuit is broken and they all stop


Describe potential difference in series circuits

The total P.D of the supply is shared between the various components. So the voltages round a series circuit always add up to equal the source voltage


What is the symbol version of p.d in a series circuit?

V = V₁ + V₂ + V₃ ....


Describe current in series circuits

1) In a series circuits the same current flows through all parts of the circuit. A₁ = A₂
2) The size of the current is determined by the total P.D of the cells and the total resistance of the circuit (V=IR)


Describe resistance in series circuits

1) The total resistance = the sum of all the resistances
R = R₁ + R₂ + R₃ ....
2) The bigger the resistance of a component, the bigger its share of the total p.d


Series Circuits:
[ ] is shared
[ ] is the same everywhere
[ ] adds up

Potential difference


Describe cell voltage in series circuits

Cell voltages add up
1) There is a bigger p.d when more cells are in series, provided the cells are all connected the same way


Fairy lights are wired in series. Advantage? Disadvantage?

Ad: The bulbs can be very small because the total 230V is shared out between the, so each bulb has a very small p.d across it
Dis: When one bulb breaks all the bulbs go out