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Describe Parallel circuits (3)

1) Each component is separately connected to the =ve and -ve of the supply
2) If you remove/disconnect one of them, it will hardly affect the others
3) How most things are connected


Describe potential difference in Parallel circuits

1)) All components get the full source P.D, so the voltage is the same across all components
V₁ = V₂ = V₃
2) This means that identical bulbs connected in parallel will all be at the same brightness


Describe current in Parallel circuits

1) The total current flowing around the circuit is equal to the total of all the currents through the separate components: A = A₁ + A₂...
2) There are junctions where the current either splits or rejoins. The total current going into a junction has to equal the current leaving it


Describe ammeters in all circuits

Always connected in series


Describe voltmeters in all circuits

Always connected in parallel with a component


Why are parallel circuits used in cars?

1) Everything can be turned on and off separately
2) Everything gets the full, voltage from the battery


What is the disadvantage of using parallel circuits in cars?

If lots of things are o the lights might dim because the battery can't provide full voltage under heavy load.