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In a given distance, the faster you're going, the bigger the [ ] you'll need.

breaking force


For any given braking force, the faster you're going, the greater your [ ]

stopping distance


What is the total stopping distance? (General)

The distance covered in the time between the driver first spotting a hazard and the vehicle coming to a complete stop.


What is stopping distance the sum of?

Thinking distance and braking distance


What is thinking distance?

The distance the vehicle travels during the driver's reaction time


What are the 2 main factors of thinking distance?

How fast you're going
How dopey you are


why does speed effect thinking distance?

Whatever your reaction time, the faster you're going, the further you'll go.


why does 'dopeiness' effected by?

tiredness, drugs, alcohol and careless attitude


What is braking distance?

The distance the car travels under the breaking force


What are the 4 main factors that effect breaking distance?

1) How fast you are going
2) How good our brakes are
3) How good the tyres are
4) How good the grip is


Explain why How fast you are going effects breaking distance

The faster you're going the further it takes to stop


Explain why How good our brakes are effects breaking distance

All brakes must be checked and maintained regularly. Worn or faulty breaks will stop you from slowing down = increasing the breaking distance


Describe good tyres. Explain why How good the tyres are effects breaking distance.

Tyres should have a min. tread depth of 1.6 mm in order to be able to get rid of the water in wet conditions. Leaves, diesel spills and muck on the road can greatly increase the breaking distance, and cause the car to skid.


What does grip depend on?

1) Road surface
2) Weather conditions
3) Tyres