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What is Gravitational Force?

It's the force of attraction between all masses


Name 2 effects of gravity

On the surface of a planet, it makes all things accelerate towards the ground (all with the SAME acceleration, g, which is about 10m/s² on Earth)

It gives everything Weight


What is mass?

How much 'stuff' is in an object. (Is the same anywhere in the universe)


What is weight?

Caused by the pull of the Gravitational Force. The weight of an object is just the force of gravity pulling it towards the centre of earth. Objects will weigh less where there is less gravitational pull, eg the moon


What is weight measured in?
What is mass measured in?

Weight is a force measured in Newtons (N) it is measured using a spring balance or a Newton meter.
Mass is measured in kilograms with a mass balance (scales)


What is the formula for weight, mass and gravitational field strength?
What does gravitational field strength mean?

weight = mass * gravitational field strength
W (N) = m (kg) * g (N/kg)
(gravitational field strength = strength of gravity)


What is the rough gravitational field strength on the earth, and the moon?

Earth = 10 N/Kg
Moon = 1.6 N/Kg