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Do the paper flashcards on circuit symbols

They're in the study


Standard test circuit:
Describe the ammeter

1) Measures the current (in amps) flowing through the component
2) Must be placed in series
3) Can be put anywhere in series in the main circuit


Standard test circuit:
Describe the voltmeter

1) Measure the p.d (in volts) across the component
2) Must be placed in parallel around the component under test


Describe and DRAW the Standard test circuit

pg 101 - Physics Revision Guide

| Variable Resistor
| |
| |


What is the Standard test circuit used for?

Testing components and for getting V-I graphs from them


Standard test circuit:
Which components are is series? Which means...

The ammeter, variable resistor and the component so they can be put in any order in the main circuit


What happens when you vary the variable resistor?

It alters the current flowing through the circuit