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what can the veins in the pelvis be prone to?

The veins in the pelvis are prone to valve failure that may cause them to become dilated and tortuous (similar to varicose veins of the leg)


which veins are most prone to valve failure?

ovarian veins in women


what can valve failure in pelvic veins lead to?

intense pain within the pelvis, known as pelvic congestion syndrome


what is performed to treat pelvic congestion syndrome? why?

pelvic venous embolisation
The pelvis contains too many structures to successfully dissect out a vein


what is a pelvic venous embolisation?

Using a venous catheter a guide wire is fed through, a contrast dye is used and affected vessels are embolised (blocked) with various substances, such as metal coils


how come smaller veins can be tied off in pelvis?

Due to the rich venous anastomoses in the pelvis, one smaller vein can be tied off without compromising venous return