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What brought the ships across to the New World?

Trade Winds


Why did millions of Native Americans die when The Spanish came over?

The Spanish gave them diseases that the Native Americans were not immune to, such as chicken pox and measles


Where did the most successful native tribes live?

Central America


What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?

When the Pope settled the dispute of the South American lands, and gave Brazil to Portugal and the rest of the land to Spain


What is the Colombian Exchange?

Goods such as sugar, tobacco, riches, and potatoes were taken from the New World back to Europe. Potatoes could be grown in higher latitudes, which led to a population increase. There weren't enough jobs for the Europeans, so they moved to the New World for a new life.


What sickness did thousands of Europeans die from?

Syphilis. They got it from the Native Americans


Who were called 'soldiers of fortune'?



Who was Jumipero Serra and what did he do?

He was the priest that set up the mission system. He also forced the Native Americans to farm, and did this in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco


What was the Asiento System?

The Spanish wanted to use the Native Americans as their slaves, but the natives were dying quickly from disease and exhaustion. To replenish the workforce, the Spanish imported slaves from Africa


What was the Pope Rebellion?

This was when Native Americans in Santa Fe fought off the Spanish and managed to keep them off for over 50 years


What area did the French end up in, and why?

They ended up in Canada because of trade winds


Where did England settle?

The East Coast


Where did the Dutch settle?

New York


Who settled in Delaware and Southern New Jersey?



Who conquered and took over Sweden's land?

The Dutch


Why did the Dutch want to become under the English government?

The governor of New Netherlands, Peter Stuyvesant, was a tyrant and everyone hated him. To get rid of him, the Dutch became part of the English


What is the oldest city in America?

St. Augustine in Florida


What did British families often consist of in the New World?

They often came to the New World for religious freedom, and had huge families with 13-15 kids. They were often farmers and would get at least 180 acres in order to feed their family


This was the first British settlement in North America. It was in Southern Virginia and contained about 160 people. They all disappeared, and no one knows where they went.



What was the second British settlement?



What was the purpose of Jamestown?

The British wanted gold and silver from the New World, which is why Jamestown was founded


What kind of area was Jamestown settled in?

The people of Jamestown were scared of the Native Americans, so they settled in the middle of a swamp to protect themselves from them. The swamp ended up giving the people malaria, and there was also a shortage of food. Only 40 of the original settlers survived.


Who lead the Jamestown colony?

John Smith. He was a good leader because he forced his men to work


What happened when John Smith got injured and went back to England?

The Native Americans only trusted John Smith, and so when he left they ended up massacring 500 settlers.


What was the good that made Jamestown economically important?

Tobacco. This economic boom led to settlers spreading out along the coast


What were indentured servants?

They were people that couldn't pay for their trip to the New World, so settlers already in the New World would pay for their passage over in exchange for them as servants for a number of years


What was one reason the American Revolution began?

One reason was because of indentured servants. When their servant term ended, the indentured servants would head out west to earn their own fortune. When they went too far west they would run into Native Americans and they would fight. The colonists expected the British to help defend them against the Native Americans, but the British often refused. The colonists realized that they could govern themselves just fine, and that they didn't need a king.


What was the system that encouraged people getting indentured servants?

The Headwright System. One who got indentured servants got more land in exchange


What was the middle passage?

Bringing African slaves to America. Slavery increased in the late 17th century. At the beginning, slaves were treated like permanent indentured servants, but things got more strict when the slaves rebelled against their masters. They lost privileges such as education and religion


What was the Stone Rebellion?

This was the biggest slave revolt. The slaves in South Carolina next to the Stone river killed their masters and tried to run away to Florida. They were caught before they could make it and they were all hanged.