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What does the Monroe Doctrine say?

The US has the right to intervene in the internal affairs of any nation in the Americas if they felt the situation there endangered American security


Under what president is the American Plan/System?

John Quincy Adams. It was also pushed for by Henry Clay. The American Plan helps make us more self sufficient as a country by implementing infrastructure, national banks, and tariffs


Why is a national bank important?

The government is able to control inflation and the amount of money in the country. One bad thing is that if you control the money, you have the most power.


What is the Corrupt Bargain?

This is what Jackson's supporters called the situation in which John Q lost the popular vote and the electoral vote, but he still got the presidency. The decision went to the House of Representatives and Henry Clay chose John Q to be President because he supported the American Plan, and they John Q makes Clay the secretary of state.


What was the Indian Removal Act under Andrew Jackson?

This act removed all of the native Americans from east of the Mississippi River to the west of the Mississippi River. The idea of this happening was actually thought of by Thomas Jefferson. It happened because we wanted more land and natives and whites were killing each other.


What happens when the Cherokee fight being removed?

The Supreme Court rules that it is unconstitutional to remove all of the Native Americans, but Jackson does it anyway. He is the first and only president to have defied the Supreme Court.


What was the National Bank Fight?

The national bank had a charter for 10 years. Even though Jackson hates that there is a national bank, there is nothing he can do about it. Henry Clay wants to be president, and to get the people to hate Jackson he asks his friend Bitters to get a new charter for the national bank. When Jackson saw this he denied the new charter and the national bank was done away with. Clay thought that the people would hate Jackson for doing this, but his plan backfired because they loved Jackson's decision


What was the Nullification Crisis under Jackson?

The tariffs of 1828 protected factories, and the southern states didn't like the tariffs. John Calhoun, Jackson's VP, is from the south and wants to get the tariffs appealed. He says that the tariffs are unconstitutional and that they are nullified in South Carolina. Jackson then tells Calhoun that if Calhoun keeps advocating for nullification that he'd kill him, so Calhoun stops. Jackson then softens the tariff and through the force bill he is allowed to enforce the tariff in SC. This pacifies the south and avoids a Civil War.


Why did Jackson earn the nickname, 'King Jackson'?

Because he began to veto bills just because he didn't like them, and he did this so often that he earned this nickname.


How does Jackson try to stop the coming recession based on land speculation?

He says that land has to be bought with hard silver or gold. This term was called 'specie circular'. Unfortunately, Jackson was too late with trying to prevent the economic collapse, and the land speculation led to the Panic of 1837. Van Buren also got blamed for this.


What is the Spoil System?

This is a system where people are given jobs in the government based on their party loyalty. Pro- one with not a lot of money can run for president with other people paying for the campaign, he just has to give the people with the money a government job. Con- not always competent people in the government positions


What is the Civil Service System?

This is a system in which one would take a test to gain a government job. Pro- the job would go to a competent person. Con- those running for president need money for campaign, and they get this money from questionable sources. This leads to corruption in the government


Who was the first major American historian and what did he say?

Frederick Jackson Turner; He said that America is great because we have a frontier.


What was the Aroostook War?

The northern part of Maine was claimed by both the US and Great Britain. There was a non violent confrontation to determine the line, but there was still civil unrest between citizens.


What party was William Harrison a part of?

He was a Whig, which is basically just a new name for the Federalist party.


Describe important aspects of William Harrison's presidential campaign

He got John Tyler to jump political parties and Tyler becomes Harrison's VP. Their campaign slogan was "Tippecanoe and Tyler too." He was the oldest president ever elected, being 80 years old. To prove he wasn't to old for the job, he doesn't wear a coat at his inauguration speech, and then ends up dying of pneumonia a month later.


Who was known as the Manifest Destiny President?

James K. Polk


What were James K. Polk's goals during presidency?

He promised to get the California and Oregon territories, to have Texas become a state, to lower tariffs, and to make an independent treasury to control the money. He did all of this in one four year term


What was the conflict with the Oregon territory?

It contained both Washington and Oregon and parts of Canada. Both the US and GB claimed the territory, and US takes southern half while GB takes the northern. It's settled peacefully, and the line in drawn at the 49th parallel, although the US wanted the 54'40" (54'40" or fight)


How did Texas rid itself of Mexico?

When Santa Anna takes over Mexico, he doesn't like how Americans are living in his land (Texas), so he tries to throw them out. The Texans beat and capture Santa Anna, and Houston threatens Santa Anna with his life to make Texas free. The leader of the Texan's was Steven Austen.


How did Texas become a state?

When they first applied for statehood, the US refused because we didn't want another slave state or be in a war with Mexico. Houston then threatens the US that Texas will become a part of GB, and Texas becomes a state in 1845.


When was the Mexican War?



What were some causes of the Mexican War?

-the US made Texas a state
-Mexicans had been raiding Texas and taking things from the people living there. $3 million in damage done
-the boundary line between Texas and Mexico


What was the Spot Resolution?

This was when a representative from Illinois asked for proof that Mexicans were raiding the Texans. This representative was Abraham Lincoln.


What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo do?

-This ended the Mexican War
-Gave US all of the land from Texas to California
-Made the southern border of Texas the Rio Grande
-The US will pay Mexico $15 million for California
-USA will take over debts of $3 million


Who were the main workers of the first Industrial Revolution?

Workers began as young farm girls, but as more factories got built immigrants were used. These immigrants were usually from Ireland.


Who invented the steam boat?



Who invented the telegraph?



Who invented the cotton gin?



Who invented the reaper?