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What was the turning point battle of the civil war?



What was the final battle of the civil war?



What is the first state to secede from the Union?

South Carolina. Six states follow it


What is a lame duck president?

When a new president is elected while the current one is still in office. This happens with Buchanen and Lincoln.


What Slavs states didn't join the confederates?

Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. West Virginia was made a state because it separated from Virginia.


Why did the south think they'd win?

They had cotton, which they could sell to Britain and get weapons in return


Why does the north believe the war is going to go fast?

Lincoln gets Robert E. Lee to command Union military, but lee hoes to the confederate side instead


What is the Anaconda Plan?

This was the north's strategy to defeat the south, and consisted of three parts.
1-blockade the southern ports
2-take the Mississippi River
3-capture the southern capital, Richmond, Virginia


What is the bloodiest battle in American history?

Antietum. Over 10,000 Americans died. Even with the union having the confederates war plans, the confederates still won


What was the first battle of the civil war?

Ft. Sumter. This was the fort that guarded the harbor of Charleston. The confederates attacked it


What are the union advantages?

-more financial resources
-much more diverse economy, which means there's more ways to make money
-bigger population: 22 million


What were some confederate advantages?

-superior military leadership (Robert E. Lee)
-defending their own soil


Why was there a riot in New York City?

There were really unfair military drafts in the north. This led to draft riots, the biggest one being in NYC


Why were there riots in the south?

The south's food supply was cut off, which leads to food riots, mostly led by women


What does the 13th amendment do?

It ended slavery, and was passed after the civil war.


What does the 14th amendment do?

It makes freed blacks citizens of the U.S.


What does the 15th amendment do?

It gave black men the right to vote


What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

-this said that slavery was outlawed in states against the union
-Lincoln did this to cripple the south ( Britain was against slavery, so wouldn't help out the south )
-also did it to reduce criticism against himself, bc he was actually fighting the war to get the seceded states back into the union


What is the battle of Vicksburg?

This is the last battle of the Mississippi River. It's taken by Grant


What is the Crittenden Compromise?

After the south seceded, they wanted to return to the Union, and go back to the Missouri Compromise. Lincoln didn't even consider it


What is the Homestead Act?

This act gives anyone 160 acres out west with conditions such as they had to live on the land for 3 years and improve the land. This is still in effect today


Who does Lincoln get as his VP the second time he is elected?

He gets Andrew Johnson because he is from the south and Lincoln believes the election is going to be close, so he wants to get some Democratic votes. Johnson could help bring the north and south back together


What is Ex Parte Milligan?

This is the result of a Supreme Court case that says civilians can't be tried in military court


What happened at Fort Pillow?

Southern slaves that got freed often fought for the north. There was an all black regiment at Ft. Pillow that was attacked by Confederates. 260 blacks were captured and killed


What was a new occupation for women during the Civil War?



What is the Trent Incident?

There was a Confederate ship on its way to Britain that was stopped by the Union. Britain was enraged, but Lincoln apologized to Queen Victoria and avoided war with Britain


What were Radical Republicans?

They were radical republican abolitionists. They gave Lincoln a lot of trouble during his presidency


What is Habeas Corpus?

This is the right to a fair and speedy trial. Lincoln suspends this during the Civil War because of spies and civilian courts were down


Who were Copperheads?

These were Democrats in the north who opposed the Civil War


What did the Gettsyburg Address state?

The purpose of the Civil War and why we were fighting