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What did the Adventists believe in?

-founded by William Miller
-predicted world would end in 1844
-still around today


Describe the Second Great Awakening

Methodists and Baptists show up, and people begin to believe in having a personal connection to God. There is also an increased interest in social reforms, as well as the idea that religion should be an emotional experience


Describe the Whig Party

-Henry Clay founded it along with the old Federalists
-eventually turns into Republican party
-founded to specifically oppose Jackson


What is the Corrupt Bargain?

This was when Henry Clay supported John Quincy Adams, so Clay got the position of Secretary of State


What is the significance of Maysville Road?

This was a road in Kentucky that Clay wanted Congress to approve finances for, but Jackson vetoed it. This shows that Jackson opposes the American Plan and Clay


How does Jackson try to stop the Panic of 1837?

He comes up with Specie Circular, which means that people must pay for land in gold or silver


How does Lincoln beat out Douglas in the Douglas Debates?

He gets Douglas to say that he is 'not for or against slavery'


What is the Cooper Union Address?

This is when Lincoln takes a stand on slavery and says that he is against it.


What important toast did John Calhoun make?

"The Union, next to our liberty, most dear. It can only be per so by respecting the state rights"


Why did southerners who didn't own slaves support slavery?

-hoped they could own slaves someday
-accepted the racism attached to slavery
-feared that free slaves would take their jobs
-poor whites weren't at the bottom of the social level, slaves were


How did slaves subtly resist slavery and what was the effect?

They would slow down their work, arson, theft, neglect for tools. All of these things lead to racial precedences


How did 'The Blues' come about?

Slaves would have Sunday's off and would have church services. They would sing and dance, and 'The Blues' came as a result


What was the most important result of the Mexican War?

It increased tension between pro and anti slavery groups, which therefore led to the Civil War


What were the details of the biggest slave revolt that happened in 1831?

Slaves could have their religious services on Sundays, and slave Nat Turner has a vision that the slaves should kill the whites. When he was caught, the consequence was that religious ceremonies had to be monitered


Why aren't there factories in the south?

-it would be hard to supervise slaves, as opposed to in a factory
-plantations were more profitable
-factories didn't fit southern culture
-industry would disrupt the social structure of the south


What were the effects of the Eerie Canal?

-cut down transportation costs
-opens up new markets in Europe
-increases canal building
-increased the dependency of midwest to New England
-New Orleans decreased in importance and NY becomes the biggest city


What were some causes of the Mexican War?

-Slidel went to Mexico to discuss debt, and was snubbed. This enrages citizens of US
-border dispute
-Texas becoming a state
-US wanting to get California (manifest destiny)


Describe the conditions of factory workers

-many immigrant women and children were employed, children because their little arms were capable of oiling the machines
-16 hour days
-very few union members


What are some of Alexis de Tocqueville's remarks about the American people?

-Americans prize individuality
-strong political interest
-we value personal freedom
-strong, national pride
-the poor don't respect the rich