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During what years did the U.S. triple in size?



What is the Gadsden purchase of 1853?

This is the last bit of land purchases for the U.S. from Mexico. It was purchased so US could build a railroad to California, which was easier than going through the Rocky Mountains


Why did the U.S. say they could handle the Oregon territory better than Britain?

US has a democratic republic which leads to freedom to make money and own land, which is different than Britain.


What's a theocracy?

Governing by religion. Biggest theocracy in US was Mormons, and influence of church is still there


What was an overland trail?

Any trail going from east to west. Examples are Oregon trail, Santa Fe trail, etc


What does manifest destiny mean?

Extending the US from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. To extremists it meant all of North America


What was an important aspect of all overland trails?

They all had rivers running next to them. Oxen would need this water when pulling the carts. The problem was that one river didn't run all the way through the US because of the continental divide. The solution to this was South Pass in Wyoming


What was the number one cause of death?

Disease. People mainly got sick because of water contamination which would lead to dissentary


What was the number two cause of death?

Drowning. No one knew how to swim


What was the number three cause of death?



How many people died crossing the plains?

2,000 died out of the 50,000 that crossed


What revolution set off a transportation revolution?

The Industrial Revolution


What were some causes of the Transportation Revolution?

-national community feeling
-westward movement


Who coined the phrase, 'Manifest Destiny'?

John Lewis O'Sullivan


What does the Webster-Ashburton Treaty do?

This is the treaty that makes the northern border of Maine formal. Webster was the secretary of state at this time


What three groups of people were in Texas?

Americans, Mexicans, and Commanchees. Mexicans who lived in Texas were called Tejanos


Who was John Freemont and what did he do?

He was a mountain man politician. When the Mexican War broke out he started a revolution in California. He succeeds in overthrowing the Mexican government but has to govern a defeated area


Describe the Gold Rush

100,000 people came from the east for over 2 years. Most women that came were prostitutes. The land suffered from mining and farming. There were some holes left in the ground from mining, and this same land was used for farming crops


What is the Ostend Manifesto?

This was a document written by fanatics that said we should take Cuba


What was the biggest political issue from 1850-1860?



Describe why the Compromise of 1850 happened

This was also known as the Great Compromise. Texas wanted to be a slave state, so California wanted to be a free state, but this goes against the Compromise of 1820. Henry Clay proposes the Compromise of 1850 to allow California to be a free state. Steven Douglas pushes for it and everyone agrees


What does the Compromise of 1850 do?

-California is able to enter US as a free state
-South gets stronger fugitive laws, which means that southerners can go north to reclaim slaves and bring them back to the south. The north will also capture the runaway slaves and help return them to their owners
-Texas gives up all claims to Mexico
-slave trade in DC stops


What is the effect that Harriet Beecher Stowe's book "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

The north actually started to care about abolishing slavery


What is popular sovereignty and who came up with it?

Stephen Douglas wants to be President, so he needs votes from both north and south. He comes up with popular sovereignty which says that states should be allowed to choose whether they wanted to be a slave state or not


What was the effect of popular sovereignty on Kansas and Nebraska?

Kansas and Nebraska were allowed to become states, so people who wanted it to be a free state moved to those states, and vice versa. This caused Bleeding Kansas, which was a huge riot between the free state and slave state supporters


What is the Dred Scott Decision?

Dred Scott, a slave is taken to Illinois (a free state) by his master and then declares himself free. This case goes to the Supreme Court, which says that Dred Scott is still a slave because he is property


What is Lincoln's perspective on slavery?

He doesn't like it, but says that southerners can keep slavery just not expand it to other states


What president does the Compromise of 1850 happen under?

Millard Fillmore


What president does the Nebraska Act happen under?



What president does Bleeding Kansas happen under?