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Can a non permit confined space be as deadly as a permit space

Yes just aS deadly


What are the 3 atmospheric hazards in a confined space?

1. Asphyxiant
2. Toxic
3. Explosive


What is the minimum a rescuer must know before entering a confined space?

The hazards in the space
How to escape the space
How to communicate with outside
How to use the equipment needed to perform the rescue
First aide and CPR


At a confined space what are the most deadly types?

Atmospheric hazards


What are three type of atmospheric type hazards?

Asphyxiant Toxic. Explosive


What is the only safe way to determine if there is a lack of oxygen in a confined space?

The use of a oxygen meter carried by rescue and hazmat


Which atmosphere is more difficult to evaluate and operate in at a confined space Toxic or Asphyxiant ?

Toxic can't properly test for all


What shall a member do before going into a confined space?

Tie off there life line around a substantial object


Once a member enters a confined space can they remove it for any purposes?

No remain attached at all times


When shall member start recording time another member went on air at a confined space?

When member dons face piece


A member that enters a confined space with a 30 min cylinder must be withdrawn to fresh air when?

15 minutes


At a confined space which RIG shall we use if possible as a high point?

TL preferred supports 800 lbs
Aerial can be used supports 250 lbs


Can we use a TL bucket as a mechanical device like a crane it haul up person ?



When using a rig for a high point what shall be done when all set up?

Shut rig down and remove all personnel from turntable.


When should medical assist be started when a member goes into assist a victim at a confined space ?

As soon as patient contact can be established


In a confined space if the atmosphere is a threat and the victim is breathing what is the highest priority ?

Establish an airway and placement of a mask facepiece


Should you perform CPR on a victim in a confined space?

Generally to be discouraged


If you find any kind of trauma victim or unconscious person in a confined space how should they be treated?

As having spinal injuries


At the very least when removing a victim from a confined space where shall the rescuer be located?

At the head of victim