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Are under river tubes standpipe systems wet or dry?

Under river are wet

NYC subway standpipes are DRY


Where would you find sound powered phone jacks at under river tubes?

At standpipe outlets


Do repeaters work in emergency exits at under river tubes?

There are no antennas in the emergency exits and no repeater coverage inside most EE


What is the primary method for moving non ambulatory patients out of under river tubes?

Rail carts


At under river ops what is the order of removal for patients?

1. Ambulatory
2. Non ambulatory victims
3. Dis entanglement extrication
4. Black tag


When an emergency exit is being used at subway or under river incident who has preference of using the stairs?

The evacuating passengers


What should be done if the emergency exit has two sets of stairs?

Make one evacuation and one attack


Can we use a rescue train on the same side of the tracks as incident?



If your going to use a rescue train at under river incident what has to be done to it before using it?

Has to be swept for secondary devices by law enforcement


What is the primary function for moving patients and equipment at under river rail?

Rail carts


At a under river rail incident who is responsible to set up the HT relay?

First ladder co


At under river rail incidents what 4 things could be used to pinpoint your location ?

Blue lt power removal boxes
Standpipe outlets
Signal numbers
Column numbers


Where else at under river rail tubes would you find live electrical lines besides the third rail?

Above on the ceiling


Does the 1000 volt lines that run through the ceiling of tubes at under river tubes get power removal when the third rail power is removed?

No remains on


What are indications of train movement?

Increased noise level and powerful train movement
A distant light reflecting on running rails
Vibration on the tracks


In most cases at a under river where will incident command post be located?

At the station closest to the tunnel in the borough of the first arriving deputy chief


If ventilation fans are being used at under river tubes which way should passengers be removed?

Evacuation should take place away from any fan operated in exhaust mode


At under river ops if we're using exhaust fans in the tube what's the best way to use them?

If possible exhaust smoke away from evacuating passengers by using one fan in exhaust mode and another in supply mode


Where at under river tubes are the blue lights power removal found?

Every 600 ft

Acronym. SUBWAY 6 letters = 600ft


What must all units operating at under river rail ops bring with them besides there normal tool assignment ?

APR adapter and canisters


At under river ops where would you find EED's?

At both ends of each under river tube at the base of emergency exits
Also first blue light south of the station on the south bound track


At under river rail ops who would u be able to communicate with when using the blue light phone?

TA train master
Phone in token booth nearest the station


Can a blue light phone be used to call outside the system?

No but can receive calls from outside


What shall a company do at a subway that is suspected of being a serious incident ?

Take a defensive position


At under river ops what does the Tube look like?

Tubes are cylindrical in shape and are constructed of brick concrete and tubular cast iron


How wide are most tubes at under river rail?

14to 19 ft wide
Only large enough to have one track


Where should you evacuate people at under river tubes?

Outside running rails opposite third rail


Does the third rail change from side to side at under river tubes?



Should we evacuate people between running rails in under river tubes?

No unsafe the drainage trough


Do most under river tubes have access to adjacent tubes?



Where would you find the last emergency exit at under river tubes?

Tunnel to tube transition


At under river rail when can units enter the tube?

When proper hazard assessment has been done and approval of IC


at under river rail incident what are the first alarm ladder company responsible for?

Size up assist victims self evacuating
Verify location and nature of the accident
Determine how many people are in need of assistance
Establish communications through HT relay


At under river tubes are there ventilation fans or duct work in the tubes themselves ?



What kind of ventilation do all NYC under river tubes have?

Reversible fans at both ends usually in the vicinity of emergency exits near the water


When responding to under river rail what are some indications of a serious incident ?

Dispatcher receives info from several sources possibly from both sides of the tube.
One or more trains stuck in the tube
Reports of numerous sick or overcome passengers


How wide are most under river tubes?

14 to 19 ft only wide enough for one track


Which emergency stair would be easier to evacuate people from?

Concrete stair


Where should members be familiar with emergency exits for subways?

In there response area


When using subway Emergency exits what method should we use to light up stairs?

Glow sticks


Where is it most common to find cross overs?

At track level


At under river tubes where where are Siamese usually located?

At emergency exits closest to the river