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Which factors are considered by the IC for an interior attack at vacant bldgs?

Current structural stability of bldg
Any known life hazards
Size and location of the fire
Verification of safe access to fire area


What markings are used for all vacant bldgs?
And what is the size and color of them.

A square with an x though the middle.
The square should be 18"x18" and the the lines should be 2" wide.
The marking made in lime YELLOW colored paint


Where do you put a vacant bldg marking on a vacant?

Along side the front entrance


If a company is out and finds a unmarked vacant bldg but it is in someone else admin district should they mark the bldg or not?

Yes mark it you must notify the administrative company


What does LECE stand for when talking about Vacant bldgs?



At a vacant bldg with heavy fire the engine back stretches what shall the officer order the members to do?

Drop a second line in front of the fire bldg


What does FEELSE stand for when talking about the advantages of inline pumping?

fast water Exterior stream
Equipment closer lower pressures
Shorter stretch
ECC closer to observe


In vacant bldg areas TL carry how lengths of 3 1/2 hose?

4 to 5 lengths of 3 1/2 inch


When should a vacant bldg be searched?

After bldg conditions have been evaluated and the fire is largely extinguished.


How many members should be assigned to search floors below for fire in vacants ?

At least 2


What kind of attack is the primary emphasis on in vacant bldg fires?

Exterior attack


At a vacant bldg inspection you have no access to the interior of the bldg you do a exterior inspection should this be consider a no access or marked inspected?

Exterior is good enough mark inspected .


What is the MAJOR factor when deciding whether a bldg is vacant or not?

The Degree of Maintenance