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T or F
Entry into the water for a water rescue should be a last resort?



Who should be designated the primary rescuer when talking about CWS. The guy trained in the CWS or a rescuer not trained but who is a certified life guard or scuba diver?

The guy trained in the CWS


Should you have a set assigned position for the primary rescuer?

No not good practice


At a water rescue what is our primary concern?

Safety of our rescuers


Water are some conditions it may not be safe to enter the water for a water rescue?

Water or weather conditions
Location of victim
Skill level of rescuer


At night can members enter the water for a water rescue?

Yes can only go out line of sight


After a person is removed from the water after being rescued should we attempt to warm the person by rubbing or messaging them?

No could cause cardiac arrest


When you swim up next to a person that is drowning and they start to fight you off what is this a indication of?

A good indication of hypothermia. Resisting help


The lose of body heat occurs ______ times faster in cold water than in the air.



When the bodies core temperature begins to drop below _____ the victim transgresses from non ambulatory to _________.

90 degrees


T or F
The mammalian diving reflex is more pronounced in young people?

True and young people are the best candidates for resuscitation


T or F
The colder the water the younger the victim the worst chance they have for survival when MDR occurs.

False the younger the better chance they have of survival


In a person is caught in a rip tide how should they swim?

Parallel to the shore


If your going to enter the water to rescue someone and there is a sweep tide how should you enter?

Upstream of the sweep so the water pulls you to the person


What will primary rescuer at a water rescue be wearing?

CWS , torpedo ,tether line


What does primary tether at water rescue wear?

Remains on land wears Pfd has a HT pulls rescuer and victim back


What's this signal at a water rescue for to pull rescuer in?

One hand on top of head


What's the signal at a cold water rescue for stop pulling?

Waving one arm in the air