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How long is the tether real for water rescue?

200 ft


What is at the end of the 200 ft tether real used for water or ice rescue ?

A small carabiner secured to the rope by a figure 8 knot
An the large carabiner is placed in line 4 ft back secured with a butterfly knot


In a 4 man engine company who is the spotter initially?

The officer
And he should keep his eyes on the victim
At night uses thermal imaging camera


Who dons the cold water suit at a water/ ice rescue?

Both primary and secondary rescuer


At a water/ ice rescue will the primary and secondary rescuer have radios?



What shall the primary and secondary tethers be wearing at a water/ice rescue?

Personal floatation device


Where does the tether line get attached to for a water rescue?

The back D ring


For a ice rescue where does the tether rope get attached to?

The front of the CWS


When using the throw method at a ice rescue how should this be done?

Throw the Bag OVER & PAST the victim and have the victim wrap the rope around there arm


If your going to use a stretcher in the water at a rescue does the stretcher get brought to the victim?

No the victim is brought to strecher


How do you secure a person to a stretcher in the water?

Top straps under armpits over chest
Middle straps across the waist
Bottom straps get attached under one leg and over the other leg