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What are 6 things the officer in the Engine can delegate members to do on there own?

Direction of stream. Rate of advancement. Open nozzle in emergency. Partial shut down of nozzle. Call for more line. Sweep the floor.


What are 4 things ECC must be able to do?

Back stretch . Inline pump. Relay water. Draft water.


Where shall company and registry numbers be on a length of hose?

On the male butt . Men like to play the # 's


Where would you find the date on a length of hose?

On the female coupling. Woman like to date


Should a kink in a Hoseline be removed hydraulically ?

No manually


At a nozzle pressure of______psi the 1 3/4 Hoseline will flow approximately 180 GPM.



How many turns does it take to open the the yellow hydrant on parkways or expressways?

18 turns. CLOCKWISE
Open street valve first then curb valve
Inspect during regular inspections


What are 5 reasons you would not stretch a 1 3/4 line?

The is going to be used for a purely defensive position.
An advanced fire on arrival.
A large volume of water is required to cool a superheated fire area.
A large body of fire in a large uncompartmented area
When the officer cannot determine the size OR extent of the fire area.


When is hose removed and cleaned from the rig ?

Spring and fall


How many years is a hose good for until it gets put out of service?

10 years


If your inspecting a Hoseline to see the condition of it an the ten year date is coming up the same calendar year but is still a few months away should you leave hose in service until the actual date of expiration or remove it ?

Remove it


If your Hoseline has been contaminated at a incident with chemicals acids oils etc what should you do with the hose?

Do not repack it on rig and notify hazmat for there assistance.(advice).


No more than _____ lengths of 1 3/4 hose should be used as lead lengths for a stretch



As required by regulations engine co shall carry on there rig not less than how many lengths of hose?

4 lengths of 1 3/4 which one is rolled or folded for a short stretch or a burst length should also have a nozzle with it.
3 lengths of 2 1/2
3 lengths of 3 1/2


When a hose is going out of service and being rolled where does the male but go outside or inside?

And tech services gets it


When your going to fold a length of hose for stand pipe ops the two butts are laid next to each other with the male but on which side?

Your left side


When can the ladder company enter the fire block before engine ?

When the bldg on fire is more than 3 strories ( which means we need the reach of the aerial)
When the fire bldg is at the located at the END of a NARROW DEAD END road.


Can a first arriving engine attempt a rescue when there is no truck on scene without simultaneously stretching a Hoseline ?

Yes only in extreme situations


Should the door ff push line into the nozzle team from the fire apt door?

No must not push line but provide enough slack in the line so they can advance easily


Three kinks in a Hoseline would would cause a lose of ____ GPM or more resulting in an ineffective and unsafe fire stream.

90 GPM


What company would be the water resource officer for the first line?

2nd due engine officer


Who is responsible to provide a communication link with IC and first engine Co?

Second due engine co


Who is responsible to keep track of members going above the fire?

Second due engine officer


When doing the hose test which side of the rig would you hook up the supply line from the hydrant?

Side opposite the pump panel


How many lengths of hose should be used to supply the manifold when doing the hose test?

Two lengths of 2 1/2


How many lengths of hose can be tested when doing the hose test at one time?

36 lengths of 1 3/4 hose off the 6 gates on manifold and the 2 supply lines 2 1/2 are also being tested


While doing the hose test you should place a member ____ ft from the hose on the ______ side of the manifold facing the hose

15 ft
Left side


How long when doing the hose test shall 250 psi be maintained for when testing hose?

5 minutes


How many hand lines should be operated from a pumper?

2 lines


When does size up start?

With the receipt of the alarm and continues until the fire is under control


Who is responsible for initial size up?

First officer on scene


Can a engine co attempt a rescue without simultaneously stretching a handline?

Yes for extreme situations


What are 5 things the first engine CO can do to protect endangered occupants?

Position a Hoseline between fire and endangered occupants?
Vent to draw fire heat and smoke away from endangered occupants
Close doors to limit spread of smoke
Ensures incoming units are informed of location of endangered occupants


What is the first stage of fire suppression effort?

Locating the fire


What is the second stage in fire suppression?

Confining and controlling the fire


What is the third stage fire suppression ?

Extinguishing the fire


What is roll over a sign of what about to come?

Flash over


If you had heavy dense smoke with no visible flame in a tightly closed occupancy what would this be a possible sign of?



If you see black smoke pushing out around closed doors or window frames this would be an indication of?

Possible backdraft


Glass stained with smoke condensation and pulsating from pressure of the fire is a possible indication of?



What would reversal of air movement pulling smoke back into the bldg a doorway indicate?

Back draft


When should the second due engine attempt to arrive first due?

If it is obvious that the first due engine will be seriously delayed


Who decides where to position the engine apparatus when the location of the fire has been determined?

The officer


If a engine pulls up to a fire at the end of a narrow Dead End road who should normally enter the block first?

The truck


Which engines should hook up to a positive water source?

All arriving engines and squad companies assigned as engines


When a relay operation is going on should the supply pumper supply any hand lines or other large caliber streams?



If a pumper is supplying a large caliber stream should they be used to supply any other hand lines ?



What are 3 times a engine must be augmented?

More than 2 lines off pumper exceeding guidelines
Inline pumping and supplying a large caliber stream
Intake pressure drops below 15psi