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At a wind driven fire in a FPMD after a alternate strategy has been successful who can give permission to enter the public hallway?

The IC
Operations sector chief
Fire sector chief


At a wind driven fire who goes down the public hallway to close the apt door?

The ladder officer and one member of the FE team


At a wind driven fire in a FPMD the member that stays at the stairway door while other 2 members go down the hallway is on what side of the door?

The hallway side to act as a beacon. As long as it defiantly a wind driven fire.


At a wind driven in a FPMD fire who is responsible for control of the stairway side of the of the door?

The engine officer controls this side


At a wind driven fire in a FPMD after the ladder officer controls the fire apt door what do other members waiting at stairwell do?

The engine co advances down the hallway with a charged hose line to apt door and the remaining truck member also advances to apt door.


At a wind driven fire in a FPMD after a curtain has been deployed and both truck and engine are at the fire apt door who must enter the apt first?

The engine to protect members with the line


At a wind impacted fire what are 3 things that affect the fire?

Size of the window opening
Fuel load
Stage of fire when window failed


What does normal wind behavior look like?

Up and out
Anything else is wind impacted


What should the roof man do to simulate wind on the floor above?

Open apt door and window to simulate the wind


How should an exterior stream be directed?

Always at the ceiling
Deflect off ceiling


When your going to use a flanking attack for a wind driven fire in an adjoining apartment how would you do this?

Make a hole at the exterior wall only big enough for the main stream tip to fit and direct the line at the ceiling


If window and door left open in a wind impacted fire who do you need to ask before entering the hallway?

IC or fire sector


If at a wind driven fire the window has failed, open who enters the apt first? And who must they communicate with?

Open= engine first
Must communicate with members above for conditions