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Where is the power removal box located?

Power removal box will be located near a blue light not always under it


Can you walk on the catwalk when power is on?

Officer and one member can to do reconnacance.


Does the engine hook up right away at a subway incident?

No wait to see we're the incident is before hooking up


In Ht relay how far away is the Roof man from the Engine officer,

100 yards


What do you use for a small fire in the tracks?

Officer one member and can sufficient


How many volts in overhead catenary line

1100 volts AC


How many volts in the third rail?

660 volts DC

Overhead line assured off by electrician on site


How do you halt train traffic using light?

Hold light chest high and move in a wide horizontal motion side to side at least 4 ft


What is near the blue light?

1. Power removal 2. A telephone 3. Fire extinguisher dry chemical


What does the OOS bag for power removal look like?

White with red lettering


What cut out should you use when in tracks in front if you or go back?

Go Back


What procedure do you use to go into a cut out on subways?

Reduce profile


Are under river TUBES wet or dry standpipe system?

TUBES are wet


Where would you find Siamese connections at under river Tubes?

Both sides of tubes


How far apart are gated FD valves for standpipe located?

200 ft apart


What color are no clearance signs,

Red and white stripes


What do subway emergency exits look like,

A prism sign or a cluster of 5 white lights


What does a Red transit globe mean?

There may or may not be a token clerk at this location and the stairwell will be closed at some point during a 24 hour period


What does a green transit globe mean at subway entrance?

Indicates the entrance is open 24 hours a day. There may or may not be a token clerk at this location. If there is no clerk there will be a HEET accessed with a 1620 key


What do track identification signs look like?

Red background with white lettering


What do track identification signs have in them?

1. Name of station 2. Track designation and location 3. You are here sign 4. Direction and distance to nearest emergency exit if no emergency exit than next station 5. Normal train movement at that location. Either NB. Or SB


Emergency exit signs are how big? And what do they look like ?

They are 32 inches tall
White lettering on a red background and it includes the emergency exit #


What is a light train used for

Intended for transport of members to small fires that can be extinguished with 1 or 2 cans


What is the best form of communication on a light train,

The train operators radio which is portable


How often does the ladder officer have to give a progress report when operating on a light train?

15 minutes