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What is the correlation between AD and age?

Increasing age= increasing prevalence of AD


What are the three categories on the continuum that dementia occurs on?

1- Normal aging

2- Mild cognitive Impairment

3- Dementia


What are some NORMAL age associated cognitive changes?

1- Difficulty retrieving words and names

2- Slower processing speed

3- Difficulty sustaining attention when faced with competing environmental

4- Learning something new takes a bigger effort

5- No functional impairment


What are some characteristics of mild cognitive impairment?

1- Memory complaint corroborated by an informant

2- Objective memory impairment for age and education

3- Preserved general cognition

4- Normal activities of daily living

5- Not demented


What are some characteristics of amnestic MCI?

Memory loss not meeting the criteria for dementia

May be the earliest phase of AD


What are the DSM criteria for Dementia?

1- Memory decline/ impairment and at least one of the following: aphasia apraxia, impaired executive function, agnosia

2- Cogitive deficites must impact social and occupational function

3- Dx must be made in the presenc eof a clear sensorium


What are the characteristics of early onset AD?

Ages 30-60

Rare and familial in most cases

Mutation in presenilin and APP


What are the characteristics of late onset AD?

Most common form, develops after the age of 60

Combination of different factors but Apo E4 polymorphism is implicated