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Name some permissions, records and regulations you need when you want to work with animals

  • permission to use animals for research
  • facility permission
  • breeding permission
  • GMO permission
  • Import permission
  • permission to use animal by-products (organs etc)
  • transportation permit + education
  • ethical approval
  • statistical records
  • animal records
  • proof of education
  • standard operating procedures
  • know your legislation


For which species do you need a purpose breeding permission?

  • every species if GM vertebrate
  • rodents, rabbits, ferret, cat, dog and quail
  • primates
  • GMO-animals
  • zebrafish and amphibians


Name five allowed invasive methods for ID marking of animals

  • tattooing
  • freeze marking
  • ear tags
  • microchips
  • mouse, rat, hamster, garbil, veil and guinea pigs may also be marked with ear marking by scissors


What information is required in animal records?

  • permission number for research and ethics permit/breeding permit
  • stored at animal facility for 5 years
  • ID
  • husbandry
  • care and supervisor
  • born or wenaed date or arrival date
  • medical record
  • if found dead: date, cause, signature
  • if sold: date, receivers name and address
  • experimental procedures + date + signature
  • humane endpoints
  • end of experiment
  • assessment level of pain/discomfort
  • in case of re-use: date + signature from vet


Name the tasks of the swedish regional ethics committees

  • evaluate scientific valitidy
  • evaluate welfare cost to the animals
  • evaluate ethical considerations


What are the levels of grading of discomfort and pain?

  • terminal/ organ --> euthanasia for organs
  • terminal
  • mild
  • non-recovery acute operation
  • moderate
  • severe


Describe what the "mild" grading of discomfort and pain includes

  • Blood sampling in peripheral vessels
  • Studies done on anaesthetized animals that will be euthanised without waking up
  • injections with non-irritating substances


Moderate grading of discomfort and pain

  • major surgical procedures where the animal will wake up and with appropriate post operative care and pain relief
  • injections with irritating substances
  • adding several mild procedures will make it moderate


Severe grading of discomfort and pain

  • major surgical procedures on anaesthetized animals without adequate post op pain relief
  • causing severe diseases without any treatment regime to ease the suffering
  • adding several moderate procedures will make it severe


Which parts are included in the ethical application form?

  • general information: staff, project leader...
  • aim
  • species
  • projectplanning


What kind of procedures should be included in the application?

  • All!
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the plan is not allowed to be performed!


For which types of research applies specific regulation?

  • immunisation
  • research on experimental joint diseases in rodents
  • tissue sampling for gene expression
  • toxicity testing
  • generation of GMO animals


The UU template for health assessment consists of two parts. Which?

  1. for use before experiment starts and during breeding of non-GMO animals
  2. Extended. After research starts and breeding of GMO animals


Functions/organs included in the health assessment

  • general condition
  • exudate of prophyria and/or eye inflammation
  • movement and posture
  • piloerection
  • respiration
  • skin
  • weight (added in extended)
  • appetite (added in extended)
  • urinary and bowel function (added in extended)
  • body scoring in cancer research


For which animals is ID marking mandatory? 

  • Primates
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Farm animals