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is a universally conserved P-loop GTPase that acts at the crossroads of the major cellular processes of translation and DNA replication, processes thought to be repressed in dormant persister cells; y, it plays a role in DNA replication initiation, replication fork stabilization, and ribosome maturation, processes
that are targeted by many antibiotics


Deletion of RelA and SpoT

results in a dramatic decrease in HipA-mediated persistence.


high cellular levels of (p)ppGpp

were recently demonstrated to activate TA modules through a regulatory cascade depending on inorganic
polyphosphate and the Lon protease


global control of persistence in E. coli through



Obg-mediated persistence requires

(p)ppGpp and proceeds via transcriptional activation of the
type I hokB-sokB TA module, ultimately resulting in a decrease
in membrane potential.


antisense RNA (asRNA)-based approach

Used this approach because knockout obg could not be easily obtained; depleting Obg levels by inhibiting translation of obg mRNA; . Expression of obgasRNA caused a moderate 7-fold decrease in Obg concentration

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