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What accentuated the anger towards the ruling classes?

The feeling of political alienation and anger at the ruling classes felt by many Italians was accentuated by economic and social problems


What happened between 1899 and 1914?

Italy experienced considerable economic expansion and industrialisation focused in the north of the country


Which industries grew significantly?

Iron, steel, chemical, mechanical and electrical industries


What was the Italian car industry? Give examples

Was a great success, with companies such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia established


What did industrialisation and improved techniques help increase?

Agricultural production


What did industrialisation fail to provide? What remained?

Benefits to the wider population and the living standards of both rural and industrial workers remained low


What did Italians protest against?

Unemployment, food shortages and high taxation were common


What happened between 1901 and 1911?

There were over 1500 protests involving nearly 350K workers


What did industrialisation accentuate?

The considerable division between the north and the south


What was the impact of the divisions between the north and the south?

The economic and social divisions between the wealthier north and impoverished south had concerned Italy's politicians since 1861 and was viewed as one of the major barriers in creating the unified nation they longed for