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What did the PSI continue to oppose politically? What did they refuse to do? What did they declare to the war effort?

Politically, the PSI continued to oppose the war, refusing to vote for war credits in parliament and declaring a policy of 'neither support nor sabotage' to the war effort


Who was its stance despised by? Why? What was it blamed for?

Its stance was despised by the nationalists and many liberal supporters who saw it as defeatist, unpatriotic and anti-Italian, blaming it for the poor performance of Italy's military


What did the hysteria lead to?

The hysteria after Caporetto against 'defeatists' who had 'stabbed Italy in the back' led to the arrest and imprisonment of many PSI leaders


Who did Mussolini blame and what did he call for?

Mussolini blamed Italian socialists, asserting that they were a more dangerous enemy than the Austrians and calling for a more forceful Italian leader who could help create a united country


What did the PSI's position on the war mean?

The PSI's position on the war meant there was even greater polarisation between the left and right in Italian politics