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What did Giolitti find the nationalists?

Giolitti found that the largest threat to his programme came from a new, dynamic force that was growing in strength at the start of the 20th century - the nationalists


What was nationalism compared to 1908 and 1911 to 1914?

Organised Italian nationalism as apolitical force barely existed in 1908, but through Gioilitt's term from 1911 to 1914 it became a highly influential political movement


What meant that the nationalist movement gained strength?

The supposed failure of the values of Risorgimento, the humiliating defeat at the Battle of Adwa the country's weakness as a world power and the shame felt at the fact millions of Italians had to leave the country in search of a better life meant that nationalists gained strength


What were the nationalists?

The nationalists were anti-socialist, anti-liberal and believed only an aggressive foreign policy that looked to expand Italy's power in Africa and claim the irredente lands could Italy assert itself as a world power


What did the nationalists aim to do?

The nationalists mission aimed to unite the different classes of people within their patriotic love for Italy and weep away the decedent liberal order that failed to uphold the values and potential of the Risorgimento


Who were the nationalists supported by?

The nationalist movement was supported by the educated middle classes, who viewed it in terms of a force for national renewal which would undermine the rising popularity of socialism and destroy the cynical corruption of Rome, bringing about a new, more dynamic Italy


What would war and expansion overcome?

War and expansion would overcome domestic strife by linking the Italian people behind the nation


What did the nationalists believed liberal values were?

The nationalists believed that liberal values encouraged selfish individualism; Italy couldn't be great until Italians understood that the nation was a superior ideal which stood above shallow, individual needs and were prepared to die for their country


What were Giolitti's attempts to work with the socialists viewed as?

Giolitti's attempts to work with the socialists were opposed and views as demonstrating the weakness and corruption of the liberal order


What did the nationalists do in 1910?

In 1910, the nationalists were inaugurated the Associazione Nazionalista Italiana (ANI), bringing different currents of nationalism into one formalised organisation under the leadership of Enrico Corradini


What was nationalism?

Nationalism was a dynamic force that Giolitti found difficult to deal with


What did the nationalists see Giolitti and other the liberal politicians as?

The nationalists saw Giolitti and the other liberal politicians as representing everything that was weak and corrupt about Italy and that it needed to be overthrown


How did Giolitti attempt to boost Italian support for his leadership?

Giolitti attempted to boost support for his leadership through his liberal programme and economic modernisation which he hoped would encourage Italians to see the liberals in a positive light


What did his liberal programme fail to do?

Failed to halt the rise of nationalism


Why id his liberal programme fail to halt the rise of nationalism?

Due to the fact that nationalism had a greater attraction in its more passionate patriotic message, which promised to unite the Italian people under a powerful and assertive Italy


What did Giolitti pursue in 1991?

In 1911, Giolitti pursued a different path of attempting to pursue to embrace nationalism by expanding Italy's empire in North Africa through the invasion of Libya