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What didn't the Libyan War help?

The Libyan War didn't help Giolitti in his attempt to absorb the nationalists


What did it do instead?

Instead, it increased support for the ANI and accentuated the ANI's opposition to the liberal govt


What did the nationalists do?

The nationalists took credit for the war, aliming Giolitti had only launched it under the pressure from their movement


Who did the nationalists denounce?

The nationalists denounced the liberals, blaming their weakness and lack of patriotism as the reason for so many Italian deaths


What did the Libyan War destroy?

The Libyan War destroyed Giolitti's cooperation with the PSI, which formed the key basis of his programme of trasformismo


What did the PSI oppose? Why?

The PSI opposed the war as imperialism militarism


What did the more radical socialists do? Why?

The more radical socialists, who were angered by the growing compromise with the liberals, expelled those members who had supported the war, such as Leonida Bissolati


What did the revolutionary wing of the PSI do?

The revolutionary wing of the PSI seized control and rejected further cooperation with Giolitti, with the more moderate members isolated and unable to influence party policy


What happened to Benito Mussolini?

Benito Mussolini, a radical socialist and talented journalist, was appointed editor of the socialist newspaper Avanti!, which focused its campaign on the corrupt liberal order and the militarists who had murdered workers in Libya and Italy


Giolitti's attempts at absorbing the socialists...

into the liberal state had ended in failure