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When was the PSI formed?



What did the PSI quickly develop into?

A powerful political institution


The PSI was one of the very few...

formal political parties


What did the PSI gain in the 1900 election?

In the 1900 election, the PSI achieved 216K votes and 32 deputies out of the total 508 parliamentary seats


What happened to the PSI in 1913?

It had grown substantially, winning nearly a quarter of all votes and achieving 79 deputies in parliament


Who was the PSI led by?

Filippo Turati


What were the members of the PSI active in?

Members of the PSI were active in taking their message to Italy's poor


What did they do?

Members of the PSI held public meetings, lectures, discussions and debates in places where the working class and rural poor gathered such as bars and cafes


What did they promote?

The PSI promoted education as the means by which the poor could challenge the political order, working to encourage greater school attendance and providing books to workers


Who were the PSI supported by?

The PSI was supported by a large number of academically educated individuals, who lost faith in the ability of the liberal politicians to achieve the dreams of the Risorgimento and believed that socialism could solve Italy's problems of political corruption, rural poverty and the widening gap between the ruling classes and the masses