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How did Erikson's ego psychology theory drift from Freud's psychoanalysis?

- rather than being id-ego-superego, it was interaction btw id-ego-superego and external social world
- emphasised psychosocial rather than psychosexual
- shifted from abnormal defensively motivated behaviours to HEALTHY fning of ego


What is the difference btw Eriskon and Freud's ego?

- Erikson's ego is the centre of personality, Freud's is a reified part of his tripartite theory


What is the role of Erikson's ego?

- main role was to establish and maintain our sense of identity


What was Erikson's focus of the mother's role in the formation of the ego?

- social interaction btw the infant and its interpersonal world


What was Erikson's epigenetic principle?

- that there are 8 various stages of life --> need to overcome these crises in order to get to the next stage
- each one is built on a previous stage


What are the 8 stages of Erikson's personality development?

- hope
- will
- purpose
- competence
- fidelity
- love (young adulthood)
- care
- wisdom


Which parts of each stage must someone overcome to reach the next stage?

- syntonic vs. dystonic: both are just as important as each other


What is the basic strength that emerges in young adulthood?



What did Erikson about identity crisis?

- that some adolescents experience identity crisis --> a temporary period of confusion and distress as they experiment with alternatives before settling on a set of values and goals.


What did Baumeister say against Freud's 'identity crisis'?

- although adolescents question their self-values, they experience identity exploration, not confusion


What is some refutability against Erikson's theory?

- James Marcia identified 4 different modes of identity formation'
- Rosenthal developed the Erikson Psychosocial Stage Inventory
- over 300 studies alone on ego-integrity


What are Marcia's 'modes of identity formation'?

- identity achievement: definite commitments
- moratorium: exploring possible commitments
- identity foreclosure: adopted others' commitments (inflexible, susceptible to cult-following)
- identity diffusion: no characteristics, can lead to alcoholism etc.