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Describe an experiment to show the effects of exercise on breathing rate...

- subject sits for 5 minutes, getting completely relaxed
- next, count the number of breaths taken in one minute, recording the results
- wait for one minute then repeat
- repeat this until there is a steady value recorded for breathing rate
- carry out a vigorous exercise for 5 minutes
- once finished, record breathing rate as above, until it returns to normal
- results can then be recorded in a results table and a line graph can be constructed


Why does the heart beat faster during exercise?

To eliminate carbon dioxide and increase the supply of oxygen in the body


Why does the body require more oxygen during exercise and how does it get it?

During exercise there is a high demand for energy in the muscles. The heart must beat faster and more forcefully in order to get more oxygen to the cells so that respiration can take place and the energy can be released.


Both breathing rate and pulse increase with exercise, but what is the approximate ratio between breath and heartbeat?

Around one breath for every four heartbeats

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