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What is Micro Propagation?

A technique that allows thousands of plants to be formed rapidly.


Describe the process of Micro Propagation..

- the tips of the stems and side shoots are removed from the plant to be clones. These removed parts are calls 'explants'
- the explants are trimmed to 0.5-1 mm and placed in a agar medium containing nutrients and plant hormones to enable growth
- more explants can be taken from the new shoots that form on the original ones
- explants with shoots are transferred to another culture containing a different balance of plat hormones to induce root formation
- when the explants have grown roots they are planted in compost and transferred to a greenhouse where they undergo normal growing conditions
- the greenhouse atmosphere is kept moist to reduce water loss from the plants


What are the advantages of micro propagation?

- a large quantity of genetically identical plants can be produced very quickly
- species which are difficult to produce from seeds or cuttings can be produced
- plants can be produced all year round
- a large quantity of plants can be stored
- genetic modifications can be introduced to many plants rapidly

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