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What is the 'Water Cycle' and what is it also known as?

The cycle of water, present in the oceans, constantly being recycled between the air, rivers and lakes, organisms and back to the sea. It is also known as the Hydrologic Cycle.


Briefly describe the water / hydrologic cycle...

- heat from the sun evaporates water from the surface of the oceans, lakes and rivers - transpiration in plants and respiration in organisms release water into the air as water vapour - as the cloud rise over mountains and high ground they cool and their water condenses to form rain or snow - precipitation then falls on the earth and is taken up by animals and / or plants, or it enters rivers and flows into the sea - this way, the cycle starts again...


Why is the water cycle important?

Whilst the Earth is covered in water, around 97% of it is salt water found in oceans. We can't drink salt water or use it for crops. We can remove the salt but the process is very expensive.

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