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How much carbon dioxide is in the air that we breathe out?

Around 4%


How much carbon dioxide does the air we breathe in contain?

Around 0.04%


How much oxygen does the air that we breath in contain?

Around 21%


How much oxygen is in the air we breath out?

Around 16%


What percentage of lung cancer deaths are attributed to smoking?



What is COPD and what percentage of deaths from it are attributed to smoking?

- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
- 80%


What percentage of deaths from heart disease are caused by smoking?



Along with nicotine, how many chemicals are found in tobacco smoke and how many of them are poisons that can cause cancer?

Somewhere between 5000-7000 chemicals are found in tobacco smoke, with at least 60 of them being poisons that can cause cancer.


What are 4 of the most dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke?

- tar
- carbon monoxide
- oxidant gases
- benzene


Describe the dangers of tar in tobacco smoke...

- lungs are lined with tiny hair like structures to catch and sweep germs away
- if your lungs are coated in tar it is harder for them to move effectively
- take contains carcinogens which encourage the development of cancer cells


How can smoking affect bone strength?

- can cause brittle bones, leading to osteoporosis
- toxins in smoke can prevent construction cells in bones from doing their work
- toxins can upset the balance of hormones, such as oestrogen


How can smoking cause impotence?

- smoking affects blood vessels, including those that must dilate to achieve an erection

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