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How can we allow for sufficient variability of items and participants?

- inversely keyed items and homogenous items
- minimisation of serial effects
- examine invariable responses closely
- item difficulty or clarity
- ceiling/floor effects


What is the problem with constant measurements?

- they cannot really be statistically analysed.
- data analysis cannot always account for fix design errors


What is a frame error?

- errors in the sampling (Q analysis)- we sampled ppl that don't belong


What is domain error?

- errors in the domain we sampled


What are some errors in samples?

- nonresponse/participant errors


What are some errors with observed/true scores?

- measurement error


What is generalizability theory?

- it adds systematic error in the observed scores and attempts to map it and eliminate it (ie. control it)


What is item response theory?

- mathematically maps the difficulty of measurement items and maps them against participants' ability on a construct
- can be used to make predictions


What are the uses of profiling?

- criminal personality profiling: eliminating suspects, identify unknown offenders, used with unusal crimes, adaptive interrogation techniques


What are the uses of psychography, psychobiography & psychohistory?

- identify and explain issues and themes throughout a person's life from a psychological perspective