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What is your number one responsibility related to being an EMT?

Personal Safety


What are the 2 main benefits to the 911 universal number?

1. Public service answering point is generally staffed by trained communications personnel. Many are EMD's (Emergency Medical Dispatchers).
2. Use of 911 reduces the time it takes the caller to access the Emergency Services system.


What are standard precautions?

Gloves, gown, etc.


What must the EMT wear at an accident scene?

A reflective vest


What is informed consent?

The patient verbalizes consent


What is implied consent?

It is understood that if the patient were awake and oriented, he or she would consent to care


What is your best protection when a patient refuses care?



How do you handle an intoxicated person who is refusing care?

Contact Medical direction or law enforcement


Which one of the following is a function of providing the physician or nurse with an oral report when transferring care to the hospital emergency department (ED)?

To summarize patient assessment and treatment information


Maintaining _______ _________ with your patient builds trust and lets the patient know that he or she is your first priority.

Eye contact


What muscles should you use lifting patients?



When lifting the stretcher with a patient secured to it, the EMt must avoid which one of the following?

Bending at the waist


You should always document the _______ and _______ of a wound

entrance and exit wound


What is the standard reference position for the body in the study of anatomy; in this position, the body is standing erect, facing the observer, with arms down at the sides and the palms of the hands forward

Anatomical position


Which one of the following is required for a normal perfusion to occur?

Adequate breathing, sufficient red blood cells, good heart function.


Treatment for snoring respirations is a

Head tilt chin lift or jaw thrust maneuver


What is the age range for adolescents?

12-18 years of age


Describe adequate breathing

Breathing adequately is the process of inspiring oxygen and expiring carbon dioxide while maintaining a proper rate and tidal volume


When parking your ambulance at the scene of a MVA you should position the ambulance:

100' past the scene on the same side of the road.


What rhythm will the AED shock?

Ventricular Fribulation


You have been asked to describe the American Heart Association's Chain of Survival to a group of Emergency Medical Responder students. What description is best?

A sequence of events that, if enacted quickly, gives the best chance for surviving cardiac arrest


Which one of the following links in the American Heart Association's Chain of Survival must occur first, if a patient is to survive cardiac arrest?

Early access


Which of the following is the most common cause of cardiac arrest in the pediatric patient?
a Hypoglycemia
b Congenital heart defects
c Ventricular fibrillation
d Respiratory failure

d Respiratory failure


When treating a patient with chest pain in the prehospital setting, the primary goal of the EMT is to:

recognize the possibility of cardiac compromise and provide proper care.


As a general rule, a postictal patient should be placed on the stretcher and transported in what position?

Lateral recumbent


An intoxicated appearance and uncharacteristic behavior are typical of:

Diabetic emergency


What is diabetic ketoacidosis?

accumulation of certain acids that occurs when insulin is not available


You are called to assess a patient with respiratory distress. Your patient is a 27-year-old female at a local community college classroom with altered mental status and deep, rapid respirations. Witnesses state that she seemed confused when class started, and then she became unresponsive and collapsed on the floor. A rapid medical assessment shows the presence of a strong radial pulse and deep, rapid respirations at a rate of 28 breaths/min. Also, an insulin pump is attached to the patient's abdomen with an error message on the display screen. On the initial assessment, you find no trauma or abnormalities. Based on your initial assessment findings, what is the most likely cause of this patient's condition?



When the gallbladder is diseased, the pain is not only felt in the RUQ but also in the right shoulder, this is known as:

Referred pain


hich of the following is a characteristic of referred pain?
It is only felt in hollow organs.
It is felt in a location other than the organ causing it.
It is caused by psychological stress.
It is usually described as "crampy" or "colicky."

It is felt in a location other than the organ causing it


A patient has been bitten by an unidentified snake. Which one of the following statements made by the patient would lead the EMT to believe that the snake was poisonous?

Its head was triangular


You have been dispatched to transfer a patient with schizophrenia from a hospital emergency department to a psych department at another hospital. While en route, your partner states that he cannot remember what schizophrenia is. You should tell him that schizophrenia is a behavioral disorder commonly characterized by:

Delusions and hallucinations


Which one of the following emergency care measures for a patient with a possible bone fracture can be an effective means to reduce pain?

Splinting the fracture


An epidural hematoma is MOST accurately defined as:

bleeding between the skull and dura mater.


Which one of the following is the most commonly injured area of the spinal cord?

cervical spine


patient involved in a motor vehicle collision has suffered the separation of a rib from a spinal vertebrae. Based on the anatomy of the spine, where has this injury occurred?

Throacic spine


A patient has suffered an injury that severed his spinal coard in the thoracic region. Which one of the following is true?

He will experience paralysis to the legs


A patient was stabbed in the right anterior chest and is in obvious respiratory distress. As you perform the secondary assessment, which one of the following sings and symptoms would indicate that she is suffering from a tension pneumothorax?

bsent breath sounds on the right, distended neck veins, tracheal deviation to the left.


The AEMT showed that he understands the difference between a pneumothorax and a tension pneumothorax when he made which one of the following statements?

"A tension pneumothorax causes cardiac output to decrease; a simple pneumothorax does not affect cardiac output."


What is the significance of bradycardia in pediatrics?

In infants & children, bradycardia is a late response to hypoxia. In newborns, bradycardia is the initial response to hypoxia


Which one of the following actions indicates that the EMT is properly suctioning the newborn?

He squeezes the bulb syringe prior to placing it in the baby's nose.


The APGAR scoring system is useful in determining:

Status of the overall condition


Assessment of a newbon indicates that his heart rate is 120 beats per minute. How many points should he be awarded according to the APGAR scoring system?



ssessment of a newborn indicates that she has slow and irregular respirations with a weak cry. You should award her how many points according to the APGAR scoring system?



When should the EMt use the APGAR scoring system on a newborn?

one and five minutes after the baby has been delivered.


Following a call in which you treated a pediatric patient suffereing from croup, a new EMT who is in orientation asks you how you can differentiate croup from epiglottitis. Which one of the following responses would be most appropriate?

"The child with epiglottitis typically drools; the child with croup rarely, if ever drools.


You are responding to a patient with a complication related to her chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). Based on this description, the paramedic would anticipate which of the following?

Catheder placed in the abdomen


Most ambulance collisions take place in



Which of the following is the rule of thumb for determining the stability of a vehicle that has been involved in a collision?

It should only be considered stable after assessment by trained rescue personnel.


hen extrication will involve cutting the roof off a vehicle, stabilization of the vehicle should include:

eflating all tires by pulling the valve stems.


In which of the following situations should the EMT consult the North American Emergency Response Guidebook?
A chlorine gas leak at a public swimming pool
A domestic disturbance with the potential for violence
A patient with a suspected infectious disease
Downed power lines at the scene of a vehicle collision

A chlorine gas leak at a public swimming pool


Which of the following is a resource for specific actions to be taken by personnel dealing with a hazardous materials incident?
Medical protocols
Emergency response guidebook
Medical dictionary
Food and Drug Administration toll-free hotline

Emergency response guidebook


You are working the scene of a collision involving a tractor trailer that is hauling an unknown chemical. After it has been determined that no material has been spilled, the rescue chief asks you to get the truck's shipping papers. Where would these most likely be located?

Cab of the truck


What is the incident command system?

he incident management concept that has become the standard for on-scene management of MCIs


What is the lowest priority triage tag?



What is the EMT's first priority on the scene of a MCI involving a weapon of mass destruction?