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1. The telencephalon includes all of the following structures EXCEPT the
(A) thalamus
(B) cerebral hemispheres
(C) globus pallidus
(D) caudate nucleus
(E) internal capsule

1-A. The telencephalon contains the cerebral hemispheres, which contain the cerebral cortex and white matter, the basal ganglia (caudate nucleus, putamen, globus pallidus, and amygdaloid nucleus), and the lateral ventricles. The thalamus is a part of the diencephalon.


2. The mesencephalon includes all of the following structures EXCEPT the
(A) cerebral peduncle
(B) cerebral aqueduct
(C) inferior colliculus
(D) pineal body
(E) oculomotor nerve

2-D. The mesencephalon (or midbrain) includes the cerebral peduncles, the superior and inferior colliculi, the oculomotor nerves, and the cerebral aqueduct. The pineal body (epiphysis cerebri) is a part of the epithalamus


3. The frontal lobe includes all of the following areas EXCEPT the
(A) Wernicke speech area
(B) motor strip (area 4)
(C) precentral gyrus
(D) Broca speech area
(E) center controlling eye movements

3-A. The frontal lobe includes the motor strip, which is the precentral gyrus (area 4), and the Broca speech area in the dominant hemisphere (areas 44 and 45). The frontal eye field (area 8) lies in the middle frontal gyrus. The Wernicke speech area (area 22) lies in the posterior part of the superior temporal gyrus of the temporal lobe.


4. All of the following statements concerning the cerebellum are correct EXCEPT
(A) it is found in the posterior cranial fossa
(B) it is part of the brainstem
(C) it is separated from the occipital lobes by the tentorium cerebelli
(D) it has three lobes
(E) it has a tonsil

4-B. The cerebellum is found below the tentorium cerebelli in the posterior cranial fossa. It has three lobes: anterior, posterior, and flocculonodular. It has a tonsil that rests on the foramen magnum. It is not a part of the brainstem, which includes the midbrain, pons, and medulla.


5. The parietal lobe contains all of the following structures EXCEPT the
(A) angular gyrus
(B) sensory strip (areas 3, 1, and 2)
(C) supramarginal gyrus
(D) primary auditory cortex
(E) precuneus

5-D. The parietal lobe contains the sensory strip, which is the postcentral gyrus (areas 3, 1, and 2), the supramarginal gyrus, and the angular gyri. The precuneus (area 7) lies on the medial aspect of the parietal lobe. The primary auditory cortex (areas 41 and 42) is found in the Heschl gyrus in the temporal lobe