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Achilliea millifollium (yarrow)

Hemostatic, bitter

Topically: burns, wounds, ulcers
Internally: GI complaints (increases motility), URIs, HMB, hemorrhoids

*ASTER, abortifacient
Don't use in patients who have GERD or PUD, gravid, Gb dz
Inhibits PPIs and absorption of all drugs by speeding motility


Capsella bursa-pastoris

Astringent, hemostatic
Tx for PMS, epistaxis, wounds, burns.
Avoid in gravid (abortifacient).
May potentiate anticoagulants.


Geranium maculatum

Astringent and hemostyptic.
Tx for bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, wounds, HMB
Contains tannins- prevents Fe+ absorption, maybe other drugs too


What are the three hemostyptic herbs?

Achillia (bitter; inhibits PPIs, abortifacient)
Capsella (AAA: Astringent; inhibits Anti-coagulants, Abortifacient)
Geranium (astringent; tx for PUD, hemorrhoids, etc)


Berberis aquifolium

Oregon grape (root). Hepatoprotective, cholagogue, bitter.

Tx for skin disease like mastitis, acne, candida.
Tx for poor digestion, but avoid in GERD, GB infxn, gravid, gastritis, active PUD. Effective against H pylori.

Inhibits PPIs, can cause vaginal dysbiosis. Side effects include NV, hypotension, heart failure


Berberis vulgaris

Barberry (fruit, root). Bitter, cholagogue, choleretic, antimicrobial.

Tx for poor digestion, gastritis, gallstones and H. pylori. Avoid in GERD, GB infxn, active PUD.

Inhibits PPIs, potentiates barbiturates.


Chelidonium majus

Greater Celandine. Bitter, cholagogue & choleretic (increases bile), antimicrobial, antiviral (HPV), antitussive.

Tx: topically for warts, eczema.
Internally for asthma, pertussis; prevents gallstones

Avoid in pregnancy. Side effects at high doses are rare, but could include NV, coma and death


Chionanthus virginicus

Bitter, cholagogue.

Tx for skin conditions, wounds, jaundice, HM, gallstones.

Like most liver herbs, don't use in cases of acute inflammation or infection (hepatitis, biliary obstruction, cholelithiasis, bilirubin issues)


Curcuma longa

Hepatoprotective, cholagogue, AI, antitumor, antibacterial, antiplatelet.

This one CAN be used in acute hepatitis, and other inflammatory conditions like IBS, OA, RA, skin disorders.

Anti-platelet; can prevent MI and stroke; but potentiates other anti-coagulants

Abortifacient, don't use with hyperchlorhydria

Safe, but may cause stomach ache


Cynara scolymus

Artichoke. Bitter, dyslipidemic.

Tx for poor digestion and dyslipidemia.
Same contraindications as all bitters (GERD, PUD, gastritis).
ASTER: can be allergic to it


Which hemostatic and hepatic herbs are asters?

Cynara (artichoke)
Silybum (milk thistle)


Which hepatic herbs are choleretic (stimulate bile)?

Berberis vulgaris
Taraxacum LEAF


Hydrastis canadensis

Goldenseal. Bitter, choleretic, antimicrobial, "king of the mucus membranes"

Tx for poor digestion, catarrh on mm, infections, adjunctive in chemo.
Side effects: dysbiosis, replaces bilirubin in albumin, GI sx, heart sx, hallucinations
Don't use in gravid, GERD
Inhibits anti-coagulants, B vitamin absorption, paclitaxel (chemo drug)
Potentiates DM drugs, barbiturates


Leptandra virginica

Bitter, hepatotonic.
Tx for poor digestion.
This CAN be used in heptatitis and cholecystitis.
Avoid in GERD, PUD.


Which herbs can be used in acute infection of the liver and GB (hepatitis, cholecystitis)?

Curcuma longa
Leptandra virginica


Silybum marianum

Milk thistle. Hepatorestorative, cholagogue, AI.

modifies hepatocyte membranes to block entrance of toxins. Inhibits LT formation (antioxidant) and ROS. Increases glutathione. Increases regenerative ability through effects on RNA.

Tx for cirrhosis, fibrosis, toxic liver damage.

ASTER. protects against toxicity from acetaminophen, chemo drugs, drugs that damage the kidneys.
Potentiates doxorubicin (chemo drug).


Taraxacum official

Leaf: bitter, antiviral, choleretic; use for UTI, stones, topically for warts
Root: bitter, hepatoprotective, AI; use for poor digestion

Avoid in GERD, gravid. Inhibits PPIs, potentiates lithium, DM drugs
Reduces B vitamin absorption, absorption of all drugs due to increase in motility


Major contraindications of hepatic drugs?

Inhibits PPIs (Berberis aquifolium, Berberis vulgaris, Taraxacum)
Inhibits anti-coagulants (Curcuma, Hydrastis)
Interferes with chemo drugs (Hydrastis, Silybum, Taraxacum)
Abortifacients (Curcuma)

Herbs with the most interactions: Hydrastis, Taraxacum


Which liver herb is hypolipidemic?
Which one is antiviral and can be used topically to treat warts?

Cynara scolymus
Chelidonium, Taraxacum


Major contraindication for curcuma?