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4 underwater dive procedures

buddy system
dive communications
normal ascent
emergency ascent


8 rules for buddy system

1)know hand and line signals
2)if a signal is given, acknowledge
immediately...failure to respond to a signal
must be considered an emergency
3)always maintain contact with buddy
(in poor visibility use a buddy line)
4)monitor condition/actions of your buddy
5)never leave your buddy unless he cannot
be freed without additional assistance
6)establish a "lost diver" plan
7)if one diver aborts dive, the other aborts
8)know proper buddy breathing method


the greatest single safety factor in scuba
operations is the _____.

buddy system


divers are responsible for _____ and _____.

assigned tasks
each other's safety


divers in the water must be _____ or _____.

either in pairs
line tended from the surface


6 step emergency management procedures

1)make contact/rescue victim
2)establish ABCs as required
3)administer 100% O2 if appropriate
4)notify EMS
5)notify diving physicial and recompression
chamber through chain of command(CoC)
6)make proper notifications thru CoC


explain the _____ of the dive incident to

evacuation teams/medics/physicians


5 reasons to terminate a dive

1)lead diver or DSO determines that
conditions are jeopardizing safety of the
dive team
2)communications are lost and cannot be
quickly re-established between members
of the dive team
3)diver fails to respond correctly to signals
or communications
4)diver switches to reserve air supply
5)diver requests termination


4 diver to tender line signals

1 pull = ok/ok?
2 pulls = give me some slack
3 pulls = found object
4 pulls = help


4 tender to diver signals

1 pull = ok/ok?
2 pulls = stop, take up slack, reverse
3 pulls = come to the surface
4 pulls = stop!


any line signal given will be answered by

a repetition of the signal received


2 normal ascent (NDL diving) requirements

ascend at rate of 1'/s
never hold your breath


5 step emergency ascent

1)drop any hand carried objects
2)ditch weight belt
3)ditch scuba only if absolutely necessary.
limited air may be obtained from scuba
as you ascend
4)inflate bcd or floatation device at surface
5)exhale continuously during ascent


2 reasons to perform an emerg. ascent

suddenly out of air
entangled and buddy cannot quickly assist