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Principally an attribute of God describing his complete separation from the sphere of the profane. Individual human beings may become holy by dedicating themselves completely to God. Holiness is the perfection of charity.


Universal Call to Holiness

Every baptized person is called to seek holiness regardless of his or her state in life. This call as reaffirmed by the Second Vatican Council.


Precepts of the Church

Duties required by the Catholic Church of her members in order to ensure a certain minimum in their spiritual and moral lives.



The free and undeserved gift of God to respond to one's vocation to become his adopted son or daughter.


Actual Grace

This supernatural, free, and undeserved help from God is given in specific circumstances to help choose the good and void evil.



The faithful who, having been incorporated into Christ through Baptism , are made part of the People of God, the Church. They are not in Holy Orders or the consecrated life.


Christian Discipleship

Being a follower of Christ. This involves a conversion of heart and a life centered on Jesus Christ as well as following his teachings and being a witness to to others.



The inner voice of a human being, in whose heart is inscribed the Law of God. Moral conscience is a judgment of practical reason about the moral quality of a human action that a person may do, is in the process of doing, or has already done


Common Priesthood of the Faithful

The participation is the priesthood of Christ shared by all the faithful through Baptism.


Ministerial Priesthood

Distinct from the common priesthood of the faithful, the ministerial priesthood consists of those men who have received the Sacrament of Holy Orders in order to minister to the needs of the faithful.


Natural Law

The objective order established by God that determines the requirements for people to thrive and reach fulfillment. The participation of man in the plan of God in relation to human life and action insofar as the mind can understand it. Natural law “enables man to discern by reason the good and the evil, the truth and the lie"



he teachings of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount about the meaning and way to true happiness. They are at the heart of Christ's preaching and fulfill the promises of God starting with Abraham.


Law of Love

Christ taught his followers to love God above all else and love their neighbors as themselves. This teaching elevated and perfected the Old Law.