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personal needs vary with clients...

health status
social and cultural practice
daily routines


personal hygiene includes

oral care
nail and foot care
perineal care
hair care


why is personal hygiene integral

profound effect on overall health, comfort, and well-being


adjusting bed

adjust to a comfortable working height and lower bed upon completion of the task


older adults

- skin is drier, thinner, and will not tolerate as much as younger adults skin
- higher incidences of infection and periodeontal disease due to weakneing of the periodontal membrane
- dentures must fit correctly or they caue digestive issues, pain and discomfort
- dentures are clients personal property


dry mouth

common in older adults due to decreased saliva production and use of certain medications (antihypertensives, diuretics, anti-inflammatory agents, antidepressants)


poor nutritional status in older adults

due to dental problems, socioeconomic stays or a limited ability to prepare healthful foods


bed bath

- wash clients face first
- preform bath systematically by starting with the clients trunk and upper extremities and continuing to the clients lower extremities
- keep clean areas covered with a blanket or towel
- wash with long, firm strokes from distal o proximal
- apply lotion and powder
- document skin assessment, type of bath, and clients response


change linens

- adjust bed to a comfortable working height
- don gloves
- roll the bottom lines up ij the bottom sheet or mattress pad under client who is turned to one side, facing the opposite direction
- for saftey purposes, adjust and lower die rails accordingly
- apply clean bottom lines to the bed and extend them to the middle of the bed with the remainder of the linen fan folded underneath the client
- roll over lines and face the opposite direction, then remove the used lines and apply clean lines
- make sure the lines are free from wrinkles
- apply upper sheet and blanket
- remove the pillowcase, insert one hand into the opening, grab the pillow, and turn the pillowcase inside out
- apply clean pillowcase by grasping the center of the closed end turning the case inside out, fitting the pillow into the corner of the case pulling the case until it is right out over the pillow


foot care

it is important to prevent any infection or pain that can interfere with gait
- qualified professional should perform foot care for clients who have diabetes mellitus, peripheral vascular disease or immunosuppression to evaluate the feet and prevent injury


oral care

- check for aspiration risk, impaired swallowing, and a decreased gag reflux
- clients who have fragile oral mucosa require gentle brushing and flossing
- have suction appararus ready at the bedside when providing oral hygienc to clients who are unconscious to help prevent aspiration
- do not place your finger into an unconscious clients mouth because the client could bite down on your fingers
- position the client on one side with the head turned toward you in either a semi fowler position, or with the head of the bed flat
- this will allow fluid and oral secretion to collect in the dependent side of the clients mouth and drain out
- perfrom denture care for clients who are unable to do so themselves



- safety is important
- clients who are prone to bleeding, are receiving anticoagulants, or have low platelet counts shoudl use an electric razor
- soften skin with warm water
- apply liquid soap or shaving cream
- move razor over skin in the direction of hair growth using long strokes on large areas of the face and short strokes around the chin and lips


bowel elimination

- mnay factors can alter owel function
- interventions (surgery, immboilty, medications, theraptuic diets, can affect bowel elimination
- various disease processes necessitate the creation of bowel diversions to allow fecal elimination to contunue
- stool specimens are collected both fro screening and for diagnosic test
- alterations in bowel pattern include infrequent stools or an increased number of loose, liquid stools


factors affecting bowel elimination

personal habits
fluid intake