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foundations of nursing
What does the healthcare system i...,
What does the healthcare system i...,
What is the challenge of nursing ...
35  cards
chapter 18: planning nursing care
Whats involved in planning nursin...,
Priority setting,
Methods for prioritizing high
18  cards
chapter 26: informatics and documentation
Purpose of health care record,
Interprofessional communication w...
22  cards
class 15: critical thinking in nursing practice
Critical thinking,
Clinical judgement,
Critical thinking is
12  cards
chapter 6: health and wellness
Healthy people,
Models of health and illness
21  cards
chapter 25: pt. education
Purpouse pt education,
Pt education includes,
15  cards
pt. safety and infection control
Medical and surgical asepsis,
What should healthcare providers ...,
Practices that promote medical as...
44  cards
immobility, transfers, and excerises
The risk of complications increas...
29  cards
ati infection control/ isolation
Chain of infection,
Infectious agent,
25  cards
ati medication admin
6 rights,
Additional pt rights related to m...,
Safety strategies for med admin
13  cards
ati documentation
12  cards
ati mobility
Nursing goal for mobility,
Muscular system
33  cards
Respiratory system includes,
The lungs aid the body,
Noninvasive procesures
31  cards
bowel elimination ch.47
Regular elimination of bowel wast...,
Alterations are early signs,
Scientific knowledge base
16  cards
Personal needs vary with clients,
Personal hygiene includes,
Why is personal hygiene integral
14  cards
wound care
Tissue integrity,
Largest organ system of body acco...,
Skin main function
32  cards
skin integrity and wound care
Dermal epidermal junction
16  cards
specimen collection for glucose monitoring
Blood glucose testing,
Bg systems require,
How often should u test blood
12  cards
Pain is caused when,
Acute pain,
19  cards
acid base and electrolyte imbalance
For cells to function optimally,
Acid base represents,
Hydrogen shifts
67  cards
final exam
Safety precautions,
Dirty linen,
Location of pt
69  cards

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