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critical thinking

- essential in the nursing process
- involves knowing as much s possible about each patient
- need to sort out the info into patterns to clarify problems, recognize changes, and make appropriate care decisions under pressure
- essential process for safe, efficient, and skillful nursing intervention
- improves pt. outcome


clinical judgement

- conclusions about a pt. needs or health problem
- influenced by nurses experience and knowledge
- partly relies on knowing pt
- influenced by the content of clinical situations and culture of pt. care setting
- variety of reasoning


critical thinking is

- ability to think in a systematic and logical manner
- continuous process: open-mindedness, continual inquiry, perseverance, combined with a willingness to look at unique pt. situation



- purposefully reviewing a situation to discover its purpose or meaning
- not intuitive
- purposefully visualizing a past situation
- time to honest review
- gain new knowledge and problem solve


general critical thinking

- scientific method
- problem solving
- decision making


specific critical thinking

- diagnostic reasoning and interference
- clinical decision making
- inductive reasoning
- inference
- deductive reasoning


nursing process

- assessment
- diagnosis
- planning
- implementation
- evaluation


model components

- competence
- specific knowledge base
- experience
- nursing process competency
- attitudes for critical thinking
- standards for critical thinking


reflective journaling

- define and express clinical experiences in your own words


meeting with colleagues

discuss and examine work experience and validate decisions


concept mapping

visual representation of pt. problems and interventions that show their relationships to one another


critical thinking synthesis

critical thinking and nursing process go hand in hand in making quality decisions about pt care