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Factors affecting the innate immune system :

resons why ppl can get immunocompromised?


Hickman line: An artificial plastic line inserted through the skin and directly into the vascular system. This is a source of direct entry for micro-organisms. In addition it provides an artificial surface within the body for organisms to attach to.

Mucositis: This allows for breaks in the mucosal barrier.

Loose stool: GI tract is affected in a similar way to the mouth. The normal mucosal lining will be eroded, altering the motility of the bowel (sometimes with loose stools) and a site for organisms to enter.

Low neutrophil count: Chemotherapy acts on dividing cells within the bone marrow. It affects all cell lines. This includes all the WBC of which the neutrophils are important as part of the first line of defence. 


what triggers the release of CRP and what is it's role in the innate immune response?

inflammation. IL-6, TNF-a

it acts as an opsonin


why is chemotherapy dangerous and how can it lead to immunocompromisation?

chemotherapy which is designed to target T-cells.