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Describe these conditions, what pahtogen could have caused them?

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– Childhood infection, 2-5 years
– Initial skin colonisation,

- No ARF but impetigo is  most common
cause of glomeruonephritis


– Dermis infection with lymphatic
involvement – Face, lower limbs – Facial lesions frequently preceded by
pharyngitis – Lower limb infection usually secondary
to invasion of skin via trauma, skin
disease or local fungal infection



Describe this procedure

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Purpuric rash
(the ‘glass/tumbler test’)

push a glass agains the skin and normally, the rashes should dissoaear,

but if sepsis is suspected.

the colours domt go away


mosty caused by Neisseria meningtitis


Symptoms of HIV?

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what is a vaccination?

Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine) to stimulate an individual's immune system to develop adaptive immunity to a pathogen.

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Describe these conditions, what pathogen is associated with these symptoms? secribe each symptom

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HIV virus.

-Oral candidiasis> oral thrush

-Kaposi's sarcoma

-PCP "Pneumocystis pneumonia"

(caused by fungus) u can see lots of consolidation (white patches in lungs) 

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Viral Structure 

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how is HIV transmitted? (4)

via contact of infected body fluids with mcuosal tissue, blood or broken skin.

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Name three opportunistic infections linked to AIDS

(alaa yay bl imti7an!)

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describe the stages oh HIV

mention the antibodies, CD4 count, the Virus itself

1) Primary infection: viral load goes up! and sets its homw in the lymphoud issue, and then go to blood, it will be detected in the blood and ull have an antibody response! 

(during that time u can get flu-like symptoms)


2) latent infection (months to yrs!): viral set point starts!, it will gradually start to replicate and slowly become higher and higher!

3) AIDS: CD4 cells go below 200 cells! ur more prone to infection!

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39 yo man, referred to hospital by his GP:

“abnormal liver function tests (LFTs)”

2 weeks - fatigue, loss of appetite, abdo pain, nausea, yellow tinge to eyes

UK born, normally well, no regular meds

12 weeks ago returned from Thailand

Admits to unprotected sex and drug-taking 


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Case 2

25 yo IVDU is admitted to surgical ward with a groin abscess

Known HIV positive

Med student asked to take blood test

After procedure, accidentally pricks her thumb with same needle and draws blood

Was not wearing gloves WHAT SHOULD SHE DO?? 

-first aid-wash

collect blood from her

inform occupational health

check med students Hep B vaccination staus


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compare HIV, Hep B and Hep C in terms of 



outcome of infection (untreated)


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