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What is a chocolate adgar?

Made of lysed red blood cells that releases nutrients like hemoglobin wtc, required by these bacteria.
The name is itself derived from the fact that red blood cell (RBC) lysis gives the medium a chocolate-brown color. It is used for the isolation of FASTIDIOUS (The picky ones يتشرطون) organisms, such as Haemophilus. influenzae


what is an infection?

when microbe invades a host's tissue &
diseases caused by, microbial multiplication, toxins, host response


**remember, even though u kill the microbe, the person may still had the disease and even die


bc of the inflammatory cascade that was initiated.


How do ppl get infections? mode of transmissions?

-most important>

>>when bacteria gets in the wrong place!
>>person to person contact "aerosols"
>>water, air, food, surfaces
>>mosqiuto bites (malaria)
>>animals> raibeez

ex: e.coli & pneumonia


what is microbiota "commensals?

"harmless" bacteria which exists int he skin, or oral pharynx or wherever and r Beneficial to the body!


what broad tests can we we take to know if a patient has an infection?

-full blood count
-CRP (increases in inflammatory respone)
-liver and kidney function


what specific tests can we undertake if bacteria is suspected?

If its a bacteria: MCP
Microscopy, culture, sensitvity

-swab,fluids, tissues
Gram stain
ex: take pus & put it on an agar plate, and incubate it overnight.


what specific tests can we undertake if virus is suspected?

-anitgen detection
-antibody detection


what is inoculum size

the dose of the pathogen to cause an effect


what is hematocrit?

measure amount of space the rbc has taken up in the blood!


what is MCV?

measures average size of RBC