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What is ERG Theory?

This theory suggests three needs: Existence, Relatedness, and Growth. If one need is met, it may become stronger.


What are the 3 needs in ERG theory?



What is Machlellan's Acquired Needs Theory?

There are three needs: Need for Achievement, Need for Affiliation, and Need for Power, which are achieved over time.


Which 3 needs are explained in Machlellan's Acquired Needs Theory?

Need for Achievement
Need for Affiliation
Need for Power


What are some cognitive theories of motivation?

VIE Theory
Equity Theory
Goal Setting Approach


What is VIE Theory?

Also known as General Expectancy Theory or Valence Instrumentality Expectancy Theory. It states that what motivates us is based on how we perceive 3 things, our expectancy of success, our expectation of a reward, and the value of the reward expected. All need to be present to be motivated.


What is Valence in VIE theory?

The value of the reward expected


What is Instrumentality in VIE Theory?

The expectation of a reward


What is Expectancy in VIE theory?

The expectation of success


What is Equity Theory?

Judging our input and output relative to others to determine if our output is equitable. Inequity is motivating and will cause us to adjust our performance.


You are working in PSU and seeing 20 clients each week. Your co-worker, who earns the same pay as you, sees 10 clients a week. According to equity theory, what is likely to happen?

You are likely to begin seeing less clients.


What are the 5 principles of Goal Setting Approach?

Setting Specific Goals
Intermediate to High Level of Difficulty
Workers need Feedback
Self-Efficacy Affects Performance
Employees need to Accept the Goals


What has the greatest effect on job satisfaction?



How does pay relate to job satisfaction?

Can lead to dissatisfaction, but not satisfaction


How does Age relate to job satisfaction?

The older we get, the more satisfied we are likely to be


How does gender affect job satisfaction?

It doesn't


How does race affect job satisfaction?

Whites appear more satisfied than minorities, which is most significant at the management level


What are the effects of occupational level on job satisfaction?

Higher occupational level is related to more satisfaction


What is Organizational Development?

It's based on the idea that organizations constantly need to self-monitor and self-assess to plan for change. Strengths and weaknesses are assessed to determine the ability of the organization to cope with change from the outside environment. Lots of money is spent on this with very little effect.


What is an additive task?

The performance of all group members is combined for a single result


What is a disjunctive task?

A task in which the outcome is affected by only the strongest or most effective member


What is a conjunctive task?

A task in which the group's overall accomplishment is limited by the least effective person


What characteristics lead to more cohesive groups?

Similar Personalities
Smaller Size
Less Diversity
Team Rewards
Outside Pressures
Difficulty Joining the Group
Frequent Interactions


What is risky shift?

The tendency for people in part of a group to make a riskier decision than if they were to make the decision as an individual


What is the term for the tendency for people in part of a group to make a riskier decision than if they were to make the decision as an individual

Risky Shift


What is Response Polarization?

Having a view become more extreme when in the presence of like-minded individuals


What is the term for having a view become more extreme when in the presence of like-minded individuals?

Response Polarization


What are the effects of a compressed workweek?

Reduced anxiety and turnover
Increased Satisfaction
No effect on Productivity


What are the effects of flex time?

May increase morale and productivity
Decreases absenteeism and turnover


What is the most effective way to increase safety on the work site?

Safety Incentive Programs